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 haut, retour au début 5 Taylor rapide, swift Songs that relate to Brooke and Lucas(Tim Mcgraw)
September saw a mois of tears, and thankin’ God that toi weren’t hereto see me like that. But in a box beneath my bed, is a letter that toi never read, from three summers back. It’s hard not to find it all a little amer sweet…
Les Frères Scott
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Leyton cheating.

Every BL'er hates this obviously. It just seems so pathetic when toi have to go around someones back to be with each other. People have the nerve to say Brooke was wrong for getting with Lucas! It's 100% PEYTON'S fought! She should've spoken up. It's not Brooke's place to not go out with a guy because she has a tiny suspicion that her bestfriend has feelings for him. Blah.

Lucas constantly being around Peyton when it's clear that it bothered Brooke.

I get Lucas wanting to talk to Peyton because that's his friend. But come on! Don't act all flirty with her when your girlfriend...
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 Because their l’amour doesn't really need words.
Because their love doesn't really need words.
1.)Because sometimes people write what they can't say

2.)Because they have such an amazing connection together weather they are dating ou just Friends it is still their.

3.)Because i can't deny destiny... ou destiny shots.

4.)Because of their story (just absolutely incredibly amazing!)

5.)Because it was Brooke who he truly wanted standing suivant to him when all his dreams came true; And Brooke was there BOTH times!

6.)Because Lucas gave two embarrassing speeches in his life and they were both with Brooke.

7.)Because B.Davis . Queen Of Hearts , hello ?

8.)Because when Brooke told him "I l’amour you"...
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Brooke Davis and Lucas Scott will have something that LP never will and that's unconditional love. The first three seasons is what most BL fans focus on, so I wanted to write this article to draw some attention to the 'forgotten' season(s) and to the fact that even though Brooke and Lucas broke up, they never really let each other go.

I l’amour toi Lucas, and I probably always will.
- This is the moment. Brooke has realized that she could never make Lucas let her all the way in and that l’amour just isn't enough.

Go! It's okay .. go!
- Brooke wants Lucas to be happy, even if that means it's with her...
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1. Because he is the guy for her.
2. Because hot tub kisses = HOT.
3. Because they share the same hearts.
4. Because he was the first guy she ever gave a rats cul, ass about.
5. Because he gave a rats cul, ass about her too.
6. Because he knows she is different than everyone sees.
7. Because together they bought whipped cream and condoms.
8. Because he gave her his room so she wouldn't leave.
9. Because he couldn't imagine arbre colline without her.
10. Because opposites attract.
11. Because she was a part of his family way before Peyton was.
12. Because she was there for him the whole time when he was in the hospital....
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posted by bl0ndy
salut guys. I saw this icone and I suddenly felt ... relieved. Finally the whole Brucas vs. Leyton war is over and although that we the Brucas fans Lost the war,I'm glad that we won a lot of battles.Brucas had their amazing moments,their l’amour and also their friendship will always stay in our hearts.Maybe Brucas weren't meant to be after all...Don't get me the wrong way,I'll always adore Brucas,but watching "Remember me as a time of day" I really enjoyed Leyton's moments. I got surprised having in mind that I have ALWAYS hated Leyton.I guess I realised that there is not even a little chance to...
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Someone once said, “if opposites didn't attract somewhat, everyone on the planet would be asexual ou gay.” In my opinion certain télévision couples appeal to this notion and others do not. For the most part, I find that the perfect balance between matters of the mind…the build up…the “will they ou won’t they” tension is what intrigues me and draws me towards a particular couple. And so, I prefer couples that complement one another, not those who are identical.
As human beings each one of us has different qualities, and it is precisely these differences that draw us to our potential...
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posted by Broody_4_Cheery
so i dont know if i gott disclaim here but better to be sûr, sans danger than sued. so i dont own anything. so that whole lucas' novel thing pisses me off so this helped me with my feelinsg about that subject. :) apologies for spelling mistakes, i dont do the editing thing and my little fingers type faster than they should.

Such is the inconsistency of real love, that it is always awake to suspicion, however unreasonable; always requiring new assurances from the object of its interest. - Ann Radcliffe

Sitting in front of his computer Lucas Scott stared at the words in front of him, there on screen his heart...
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posted by livelovelaugh
"look at me lucas im hidious" brooke cries as she takes off her sunglasses to montrer the bruises that are left.

lucas lookes at her with awe and walks slowly towards her then he slowly reaches out his hands towards brookes face he slowly touches the bruises as a tear starts to fall down her face
" why would someone do this to you?" lucas says very quitly he carries and stroking her face.

" dont toi see luke i have no one , no one at all peyton is with toi your with peyton millie has left. nathan haley and jamie my own mother doesnt even l’amour me. no one cares whats happened to me i have money...
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My Leytoner bestfriend and I are checking out my old scrapbook and we found this amazing piece of comparison between l’amour and INFATUATION and we just thought that maybe we can use it here. So with her help, we write this article. She agreed to follow a Brucas and Jeyton perspective but also insert and defend Leyton once in a while. This will be extremely difficult but here we go:

LOVE develops slowly; INFATUATION develops rapidly

Season1: Lucas always harbored feelings for his half-brother's girlfriend Peyton because they have musical similarities and other introverted preferences. He wanted...
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Okay, get ready...I'm letting it all out...*takes deep breath*

Leyton is forced, predictable, fake, corny, boring, and gross.
Wanna know why? Well just take a look at all these reasons and toi will understand..(WARNING: It's gonna be REALLY big..)
it's just that the blonde twins bring out the evil hater in me.

1)I hate them because they're fake, forced, cheesy, pathetic and boring. And they also look very much alike. Like 2 dudes making out.
I dont like leyton because they seem forced to me...when lucas chose brooke he didn't do it because he couldnt have Peyton...and in season 4 when they finally...
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First off, I'm a solid JEYTON FAN! Brucas FAN! P. SAWYER FAN! (she's not a backstabbing w***...she's just confused.)

Now why should Brucas fans be interested on Peyton's view, let alone her feelings? (since most BL fans hate her and I still can't understand why.) It'd be interesting if this speculation of mine is true and Peyton realizes it (the girl has late epiphanies) and then maybe she will go look for Jake (whom I strongly believed she never stopped loving and loved GREATER than Lucas) and Brucas...well...YAY! They'd be back on the road again. this:


SEASON 5: Brooke Davis still...
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So I'm not exactly sure what the time period for this one is. Mid-season 3 I guess. Hopefully there aren't any factual flaws. Hope toi guys like it XD

Brooke Davis was spending a relaxing jour alone with her boyfriend, Lucas Scott, in his room, her making sketches of future Clothes Over Bros designs and him lire a new book he just picked up, when he excused himself. “Alright hurry back.” She a dit while giving him a good claque, smack on his backside as he left the room. Brooke smiled to herself as she stretched out wide on Lucas’s lit and a mysterious small brown box on the nightstand caught...
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Ok guys ... i just found this on FanFiction.Net ...
i thought it would be funny if i posté this here,i will credit of course: link (heres the link!) First I know that lots of toi guys like Peyton but please don't hate me for posting this! So unless toi have a sense of humor this isn’t for Peyton fans ou Leyton fans. :)
P.S I think Mary will like this LoL !

The 50 Deaths of Peyton Sawyer

1.) She realizes the writers made a mistake in making her a cheerleader. Everyone agrees. She gets angry and tries to prove them wrong par actually cheering. At the suivant game, Peyton Sawyer was bludgeoned to...
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Leyton supporters have claimed that Lucas was only hiding away from Peyton through Brooke.

Funny thing is, as a non-supporter, I can argue that it’s actually the other way around.
Consider season 2’s finale. That ending scene for Lucas and Brooke is a powerful revelation in Lucas part (and he doesn’t need anybody to bombard him about what his cœur, coeur wants)

Lucas: I wanna be with you, Brooke.
Brooke: What?
Lucas: I know we’re Friends but it’s just how I feel.
Brooke: But what about the Peyton stuff?
Lucas: I keep that stuff to remind myself how badly I screwed up things...with you; to remind...
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Shows alot of good Brucas Moments!!! Enjoy :)