Well this is just a theory, but toi know that boring life lesson ou lessons called morals. Well each episode of "Boy Meets World" has one, but instead of a teacher/parent/etc. nagging at us ou drilling it in our head to the point where we don't see the point ou we don't care. "Boy Meets World" adds humor, drama and excitement to life lessons. I don't think it matters if toi are a boy ou a girl, toi probably have watched one epi. and a dit " Gosh I went through the same thing, that's so weird this is tv and not even a reality show." And we probably all have a Character that we love, relate to, ou even have the hots for-( Eric,I'm looking at you!). And when Alan and Amy talk to Cory, Eric and morgan I always find myself saying " Geez, where have I heard that before." ou Cory's partner in Crime- Mr.Hunter. I think we all know someone like him and we all have a best friend who at times is like a sister ou brother and others its like toi just don't understand. And just like Cory sometimes it takes toi the long way to figure out things, ou maybe toi are a little psycho like Eric. This series has helped me see that I must not be alone, ou they wouldn't cover such deep subjects in some of their episodes. I wish it were still on, and I cant wait to own seasons 4-7 hopefully. But there is a reason its my favori show, its funny but touching and I still learn something. So thanks Will, Ben, Danielle, Rider and everyone else for making 7 years worth of memories not only for yourselves but for your viewers.
" John Adams High reunion"