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The entire cast of BMW:

Ben Savage as Cory Matthews

Cory Matthews
What can we say about Cory Matthews? We were there for all of Mr. Matthew's biggest moments in life: His first kiss, his first fight, the first time he drank beer, the liste goes on and on. Although Cory started off the series as an energetic, sport-loving C-student, fans grew up with Cory and watched him become a loyal man with a kind heart.

Ben Savage
If toi have been missing Cory just as much as we have, then toi should be excited to know that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel are reuniting to montrer a new generation of TV-watchers exactly what true l’amour looks like in the Disney Channel's Girl Meets World. Before signing on to the off-shoot, Ben guest starred in a number of series including Phil of the Future, Chuck, Without a Trace and most recently portrayed a murder suspect on Bones.

Danielle Fishel as Topanga Lawrence

Topanga Lawrence-Matthews
Topanga Lawrence was the perfect girl suivant door. She was kind, sweet, ridiculously intelligent, passionate, forgiving and the best hippie-girl-turned-hot-woman we've ever seen. She taught us that vanity is not a trait worth having (remember when she cut off those long, gorgeous locks to make a point?!) and she taught us that it's okay to declare that toi found your soul mate when toi were five.

Danielle Fishel
Now, our perfect role model, Danielle Fishel, is about to star, alongside Savage, as the perfect parents on the highly anticipated Girl Meets World. (Have toi seen how incredible she looks on our exclusive GMW trailer?!) But in case you're looking for the personal goods about John Adam's valedictorian, Danielle recently got married (and looked absolutely gorgeous) to Tim Belusko.

Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter

Shawn Hunter
Shawn Hunter was Cory Matthew's bestest bud of all time and his partner-in-hijinks. Although he had a rough upbringing and was a bit of a smartass at times, Shawn's passion for life was able to overshadow his bad-boy ways. Plus, can we talk about his hair?! Perfection. We're beyond thrilled that Rider Strong will once again be reprising his role as Shawn on a special holiday episode of Girl Meets World. Save Uncle Shawn a spot at the dîner table!

Rider Strong
Since saying goodbye to Cory and Topanga, Rider scared the bejeezus out of us in the 2002 thriller cabine Fever, and also joined his fellow BMW alum Will Friedle as a voice on the animated hit Kim Possible. The former child étoile, star has also turned to filmmaking along with his brother Shiloh Strong. One of their projects, The Dungeon Master, took accueil the prize for Best Short Film at the 2011 Tribeca (Online) Film Festival.

Will Friedle as Eric Matthews

Eric Matthews
We would have done unspeakable things to have Eric Matthews as our older brother. Sure, he was a little intellectually challenged at times, but his passion for life was infectious. Plus, he gave us the incredible motto: "Life's tough. Get a helmet."

Will Friedle
It is rumored that Will Friedle will appear on Girl Meets World and we would be thrilled to see what Uncle Eric has been up to for all these years. (Did he really turn into Plays With Squirrels?!) Since his time on the smash ABC series, Will has been lending his voice to a number of populaire animatedshows such as Kim Possible, Mad, and Thundercats.

Matthew Lawrence as Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter
Girls swooned for Jack Hunter on Boy Meets World as Shawn's older half-brother and Eric's cool college roommate.

Matthew Lawrence
Since his Boy Meets World fame, Matthew Lawrence scored guest roles on CSI: Miami, Boston Public, and made a fun appearance alongside his older brother, Joey Lawrence, on Melissa and Joey.

Trina McGee as Angela Moore

Angela Moore
Angela was the only girl who was able to tame Shawn Hunter's wild, girl-loving ways. She was the perfect match for Shawn and together the two of them experienced many firsts. Although we're not sure if Angela and Shawn ended up happily married like Cory and Topanga, we will probably get the réponses soon when Rider Strong appears on Girl Meets World!

Trina McGee
Trina McGee has been in a number of made-for-TV films and short-lived TV series. She did, however, appear on an episode of Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's series So Little Time, and for that we are extremely jealous.

Maitland Ward as Rachel McGuire

Rachel McGuire
To put it in Eric's terms, Rachel was his and Jack's "hot, hot, hottie, hottie, hot, hot" roommate in the college years of BMW. Although both Eric and Jack competed for her affections many times, Rachel ultimately decided that she just wanted to be Friends with the boys. (And yes, we still think she's crazy.)

Maitland Ward
Since Boy Meets World, Maitland Ward was been seen hanging around the Girl Meets World set, and although there's no word on if she will be appearing on the series, we can always hope. Maitland's on-screen career has been pretty sparse since her role of Rachel, but she did appear in 2004's White Chicks.

William Daniels as George Feeny

George Feeny
Mr Feeny, (or as Eric would put it, Mr Fee Hee Heeenay!) was the teacher that we all wish we had growing up. Although he was strict at times, Mr. Feeny truly cared for his students and could turn any situation into a opportunity for growth and learning.

William Daniels
At 87-years-old, William Daniels is still in high demand in Hollywood. William has guest-starred on several high-profile TV series including Touched par an Angel, The King of Queens, The Closer, Boston Legal and Grey's Anatomy. Daniels has also been seen roaming the sets of Girl Meets World and is set to make a guest appearance in the pilot.

Lee Norris as Stuart Minkus

Stuart Minkus
Minkus was the haughty know-it-all who sucked up to Mr. Feeny and constantly showed-off his know-it-all skills in the first few seasons of Boy Meets World. Minkus mysteriously went MIA for four years after Cory and Shawn willed him to disappear. Fortunately, he returned in season five, fully intact, for the gang's high school graduation. So where had he been? "Just the other part of the school...over there."

Lee Norris
Lee Norris went on to play another small-screen geek, Marvin "Mouth" McFadden, on The CW's long-running drama One arbre Hill. But get excited BMW fans, because E! Online exclusively revealed that Norris is going to reprise his role of Minkus in this summer's Girl Meets World!
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