Matthew Lawrence as Jack
Ever wounder how the montrer would be like if Matthew Lawrence appeared in the whole series of BMW?

I feel if that did happened, then Matthew's character, Jack would be Cory and Shawn's age and plus likely to be in their class, too.

Jack would ether be another close friend of Cory's, Shawn's twin brother ou even Cory's cousin.

I think it would of been funny if He and Cory fight over Topanga for a girlfriend but I always know Cory and Topanga are meant for eachother.

This montrer would be much different if this really did happen.

Jack wouldn't never been Eric's roommate but possibly Cory and Shawn's roommate.

Jack's last name can still be Hunter ou maybe Matthews.

Jack wouldn't never have a relationship with Rachel ether, because he'd be younger and Eric would have his chance with her as well, since Eric and Rachel are the same age.

If Matthew was in the entire series, I think it would be cool, because as we all know Matthew is around Ben & Rider's age.

Jack would be ether Jack Hunter as Shawn's fraternal twin brother ou Jack Matthews as Cory and Eric's cousin.

I feel Matthew will always have the name, Jack, no matter what how the montrer went.

(Jack as a twin brother to Shawn?),in real life Matthew and Rider are only 2 months apart, Jack would be living in the trailer along with Shawn & Chet, plus Jack will know what Shawn's life was like.

(Jack as a cousin to Eric and Cory?), in real life, Matthew and Ben are 7 months apart and they are also close friends. Jack can be at least a few months older than Cory and he could be living a few blocks away from them, visiting them everyday, Jack, Cory & Shawn would be hanging out at Chubbies, fighting over girls and sharing the same class together.
Jack's appearence of the entire series of BMW