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Greg_Dawe posted on Jul 19, 2010 at 07:08PM
Hi all,

If you fancy something a bit different, a bit speculative, have a look at Theta Head, my debut novel which was published by Caffeine Nights Publishing.

Here are the first 7 Chapters as a FREE mini-ebook. Enjoy!


Extended Synopsis

Set very much in the present, Theta Head follows Georgia, a 25-year-old London woman whose search for her missing boyfriend is challenged by the very technology she believes caused his disappearance.

Theta Head is a novel which sits somewhere between contemporary fiction, speculative fiction, and present day science fiction. At its heart it is a modern-day mystery, one that explores the theme of how technology can bring people closer to themselves, as opposed to others. The central questions is: Will technology develop a mind of its own, or can it have ours?


The Theta Heads have seen a future in which communication technology has brought people closer to others and yet, ironically, has pushed them further away from themselves, leaving them with a worse quality of inner being.

They think people don’t have time to pay attention to what is inside anymore, and have therefore asked the question: What would happen if the technological paradigm is shifted to a more humane arena? What would arise – without the consultation of a good psychologist – when layer upon layer of superficial thought peels away to reveal the experience of stark naked consciousness itself? Would this be a place we would want to visit? Would we like or be able to deal with things that have long been buried and forgotten?

Georgia is about to find out.
 Hi all, If toi fancy something a bit different, a bit speculative, have a look at Theta Head, my de

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