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My book is called "The Haunting of Sunshine Girl". Here's a review of the book.

Shortly after her sixteenth birthday, Sunshine Griffith and her mother, Kat, déplacer from sunny Austin, Texas, to the rain-drenched town of Ridgemont, Washington. From the moment she stepped into her new house she has had chill bumps. Something about Ridgemont was just...creepy.
In days that follow , Sunshine followed, Sunshine is followed par an icy breeze, phantom breeze, phantomwind slams her door shut, and eventually, the laughter Sunshine hears on her first night involves sobs. As the spirits haunting her house become plus frighting-nd it becomes ear that Kat is on danger-Sunshine must accept what she is, pass the test before her, and save her mother from a fate worse than death.
If toi like livres about horror, suspense, and just plain terror then I suggest this book. It is a really good book. If toi read this book, I hope toi like it. Thank toi for lire my article!