It was the middle of my college freshman year, and I accidentally got on this song. Its name was Ab Mujhe Chand Sitaron Ki Zaroorat Na Rahi, and it was from the film Jogi. It sounded like a 60’s-ish song, but the film was released in 1982. It was a so-so type song, but then I looked up the other Jogi songs. The songs included Ek Bhooli Yaad Ne, Insaan Ko salut Kartar, Tune To Jogi Jog Liya, and then there was Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar. And when I heard Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar, it sounded so painful that it felt like I felt some thick liquid, probably alien’s slime ou radioactive hazardous waste ou even Lugol’s solution, oozing out of my ears. It was a bad voice, ugly voice, cacophonic voice, whoever sang that song! Utter rubbish and scrap camelote, indésirable and alien goop of a song! One of the worst songs ever sung, even worse than any Honey Singh ou any unremixed Daler Mehndi song! So painful and unbearable!
Meanwhile, it was the week of late February to early March, and I had a lot of tests and homework to do. And in English class, I had to read that passage called The Guest par Albert Camus, and it reminded me of that annoying song, because I found it an irrelevant, existentialist, dumb plot with characters with alien-type names and a dull, obscure setting, and moreover, an unbearable story and a gross, disgusting reading.
And while I had to write an essay reflecting that story, I was brooding of Zyria annoying me par asking me too many questions during lunch in senior year, the worst an of my life, because it was annoying as that song Gehri Talaiya Hai Naina Hamar, and it was such an unbearable moment for me. And I had absolutely no time to draw ou do any favori stuff! Unbearable song, unbearable story, unbearable memories, what an unbearable jour for me!
But the suivant week, instead of brooding of Zyria, I decided to change my mind and dream of my good friend Jake, talking aléatoire stuff, and I had enough time for favori stuff, so I drew a picture of him standing on haut, retour au début of the world. And instead of that evil song, I felt like listening to Bol Radha Bol, one of my favori songs. And Bol Radha Bol is a million times better than that piece of garbage, and listening to good songs prevents my ears from bleeding and is good for health. And that jour was a winner. And with all that positive thinking, I felt so relieved!