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tammav5 posted on Jul 14, 2011 at 11:37PM
Ok well this may be outta the blue but what if you could make a soul reaper captin. well plz do so on this page. list why he/she wanted to become a captin what they look like there presonality ect. ok heres mine

Name: volta ishida
Race: human (yes they can be humans visord and so on)
D.O.B.: July 10th

personality: volta is very aggresive when she wants to be.her hand is almost always on her hip and is always talking big game.she wanted to become a captin because she was tickd at captin toshiro hitsuguya when she became the 3rd seat of the 10th squad and was soon recognized as the captin of squad 5. she wears jeans and a dark red tank-top. she has a sleeveless captins haori,with a dark blue ribbon as a sash to hold her sword much like her previous captin

enjoy makeing your own!!!!!

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il y a plus d’un an djmck said…
Name:Yoh Asakura
D.O.B:22 september

personality:Yoh was once a qincy but died fighting a vasto lorde the both of them were killed in the fight and there Spirits were joined into a single being when he arived in the soul society he dicided to become a soul reaper and evantualy became a captian but then the hollow he merged with started to take over his body not wanting to harm anyone he went to Hueco Mundo to figth this hollow but he didnt beat it instead the hollow toke over his body with his last breath he dameged the hollows mask as it formed on his face 100 years after the hollows control of his body he meet an other vasto lorde and this beast shatered the mask and he emergded an arancar with three zanpaktous one for his qincy powers one for his soul reapers powers and one for his hollow powers in time he learned how to combien these swords bankais into a tres bankai with a hollow mask he then returned to the soul socity and reclaimed his title of the captain of the legendery sqaud zero

i no this is a bit long but a good short story for bleach fans
il y a plus d’un an whiteflame55 said…
Um...djmck, not to stem your creative flow, but that's...that's a lot. That really isn't so much a personality as a background, but more importantly, it's just mindboggling. I mean, think about it - you're assuming that a character, without use of the Hougyoku, would start off as a Quincy, be taken over by a Vasto Lorde who could somehow use his Quincy powers (never seen that before), and then that being, who is part Quincy, part arrancar, would decide to go to Soul Society (a place neither of those parts like - the Quincy part knows their family was massacred by Soul Society, and the arrancar part just wants them dead), and be accepted into their ranks. Then, he develops soul reaper powers from nowhere (as far as we know, no arrancar or Quincy can develop them), to the point that he achieves not only bankai (already relatively rare), but can now store all of his powers for each part of himself in three separate blades (completely unheard of for Quincies) AND acheives bankai for all 3 (completely unheard of for Quincies and arrancar). Then, we are to believe that they would be accepted not only as a captain, but as a captain to Squad 0, the one protecting the Soul King.

That's a lot to stomach. I get that you're trying to come up with your dream character, and you like aspects of all three groups, but if you're going to go with the Bleach background, try to be somewhat realistic about what's possible in that world.

I'll provide mine as well.

Name: Renee Chevalier
Race: Denizen of Soul Society
Gender: Female
Age: 25
D.O.B.: October 30th
Height: 6’0”
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black
Rank: 13th Squad Captain

Appearance/Personality: Her eyes are heavily lidded at almost all times, making her always appear as though she’s falling asleep. She is actually very driven, though she doesn’t tend to look very serious. Her long black hair comes down in 2 braids to her knees, each braid with a golden streak down the middle. Olive skinned, she tends to wear clothing with a deep neckline that plunges down just enough to reveal her belly button, though the line itself is thin enough to not reveal much cleavage. She thinks very highly of herself, and only listens to orders from the Captain Commander, though she acts as his constant adviser.
il y a plus d’un an hikaaru81 said…
Name: Hikaru Pendragon
Race: Fox (like captain komamura)
Gender: male
Age: 18
D.O.B.: November 6th
Height: 7'4"
Eyes: Sky Blue
Rank Squad 3 Captain
Name of zanpaktou: Zirikaar

Appearance/Personality: He is almost always in a serious mood, with a high seance of honor. Has a scare on his right eye, secretive of his powers. wise and respectful. he can use up to hado 683 with out spirit chant( only in the secret 3rd zanpaktou release) and has 5 times the normal spirit pressure of captains.
il y a plus d’un an unohana said…
name: miki inoue,kurosaki
miki has brown-orange hair just like her great,great,great grandmother orihime inoue. She maybe look similar to orihime inoue but her personailty is very a like to her great,great,great grandfather ichigo kurosaki. She became captain due to rare power which is obtaining a zanpakto and the same powers as orihime. Shunsui(spoiler the new captain commander) gave her the title at 1st because he thought she was "cute" looking but after seeing her power he was glad to give her the title of captain. She wears the captain haori with a silver chain around her whist.