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 blaze the cat playing with feu
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Aly & Aj
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ok im posting this on blazes because it relates to her.

ok i made this so i can better understand why everyone thinks that blaze and silver shoud be not trying to convert people who already is a silvaze just wanting to know.... please tell me why toi think they should ou shouldnt be....i wont yell ou snap at i a dit this is for me to better understand..because so far...i think that silvaze is completely made up(excluding the fact that all couples are made up) they never showed l’amour towards each other... oh wow..... they where both together in 06..thats like saying...
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(Yes, I'm finally making this, It's been a long time so don't get mad at me if I mess up!) Blaze was still thinking of a name, one popped into her head. "My name is Crystal the Cat, Princess." Blaze said. "Okay, but just so toi know, don't toi dare go on a rendez-vous amoureux, date with Sonic! He's my boyfriend." Sally said. "Okay... Where does that Silver hedgehog live, I have a package to deliver." Blaze(A.K.A Crystal) Said. "Right suivant to your house."Sally answered. "Thanks." Blaze said. Blaze raced off to her house, went inside and started to throw away all of her old princess dresses, except for one. At Silver's...
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Blaze's theme song (maybe)
posted by burningblaze31
well i have gotten very board looking around the web for any info about the suivant sonic game and i something struck my mind what is your 10 favori characters. please liste them 1-10 1 being best 10 being worst

3-chip(or light giga of toi will)
4-amy(love her hammer)

what are your favori characters on the games ou the shows. i Still will look for plus info about the new sonic game comming out but as far as i know i only have the name of it......
posted by Vela-Nova
Hi, it's Vela again. On to the topic; I have had at leat 20 people ask me "New ou old Sonic?" With no both option. This isn't just a question that people ask others, it's appearing on votes and boards. No one gives a both option.
Now, I l’amour both old and new sonic. And this war has got to stop. At the very least toi shouldn't yell at someone for saying both. (Happened to me twice.)
I'm starting to feel like an endangered species. Why do we need to fight over which Sonic is better? He's still the same Sonic. If toi want a 2-D platforming romp they are still releasing them; Sonic Rush, Sonic Rush Adventure, Sonic Advance Series. As for the newer Sonic fans toi have many deep and beautiful games to choose from; Sonic Unleashed, Sonic 06, Shadow the Hedgehog.
There's something for everyone. And I, being a fan of both find the constant fighting meaningless. Why can't toi just try and understand eachother?
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