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Nate and Blair - Tattoo

Nate/Blair - I Knew toi Were Trouble

Nate/Blair - Signs

nate&blair || slow dancing in a burning room

Nate\Blair - The one that got away

Nate/Blair - "I won't be the one to let toi go" [GG]

just tonight (nate/blair)

•Nate\Blair\Chuck (another story)•

I assumed i was gonna marry her { Nate & Blair }

Nate & Blair - She was the girl I was going to marry...

gossip girl || my favourite Kiss (nate & blair)

Nate Archibald & Blair Waldorf ◘ I See toi

Three Wishes (Blair/Nate)

Princess + King, nb

Nate/Blair - Whatever toi Like

Nate/Blair - Sky's Still Blue

''Dear Holly...'' [Nate | Blair | Dan]

Nate&Blair: Tiny Vessels

Nate/Blair - White Blank Page

Nate/Blair - Losing Your Memory

The l’amour Games*Blair/Nate/Chuck*PROMO

Nate + Blair | The Scientist

Never Had A Dream Come True || Blair/Nate

Nate\Blair || What If

Nate + Blair | Wishes

blair/nate • running back to toi

nate;blair - whatever it takes

Blair and Nate Fools rush in

Nate & Blair; Gotta be somebody

Nate & Blair

Blair & Nate; Forever & Always

Blair & Nate (she will be loved maroon5)

secondhand stores ; nate+blair

N&B ;; I will stay forever here, ill wait for your love.

Nate&Blair-My life would suck without you(PREVIEW)

Blair & Nate Runaway

Blair & Nate - Gotta Go My Own Way

Blair & Nate - Revenge Is sweeter (than you)

Nate & Blair - Rehab

Blair & Nate ~ Happy Ending // Gossip Girl

Nate & Blair.. When I look at you..

Nate + Blair | Someone Like toi (Preview)

Your l’amour Is A Song; Nate and Blair

Nate/Blair [Bloodstream]

Nate and Blair

Fall to Pieces - Nate and Blair

Blair;Nate - Beside toi

Blair/Nate - "He means nothing to toi and toi don't know why" (VENTING)


Nate and Blair - Wait For toi

Blair & Nate || Don't Forget

Blair&Nate - Everything

Blair & Nate - With Me

Nate And Blair-Shattered Glass

Nate&Blair: Shattered

All the Same: Nate/Blair

Blair and Nate- Shattered Glass

Fly with me - Gossip Girl - Nate & Blairr

Blair/Nate- Big Girls dont Cry

Blair/Nate: Superstar

Blair / Nate - With me

someone like toi (nate/blair/dan)

Nate / Blair - Everything

multifandom | take me back to the start

ϟ l’amour is noise (Multifandom)

Gossip Girl/The Vampire diaries - Mine again

Nate + Blair | Smile Like toi Mean It

"Always have, always will."

Blair/Chuck/Nate - Over toi - Gossip Girl

- i l’amour toi and i know that toi l’amour me too. (nate/blair)

Nate/Blair 4.14 Clip 04

Nate/Blair 4.14 Clip 07

Nate/Blair 4.14 Clip 06

Nate/Blair 4.14 Clip 03

Gossip Girl 4x14 Extended Promo

Gossip Girl 4.14 Sneak Peek Blair and Nate

Gossip Girl - Resolutions prévisualiser

Nate & Blair - Just Tonight

Stefan/Elena-Nate/Blair-Clay/Sarah||Already Gone(collab w/Givemyloveachance)

Gossip Girl - Nate/Blair - I give my all for you...

Nate/Blair:holding on to nothing

Creep|| Chuck Blair (and Nate)

Nate Blair and Serena|| Nine Crimes

blair/nate/serena; what goes around comes around

Nate\Blair- Todo Fue un sueño

Gossip Girl - Blair/Nate - My Happy Ending

Nate and Blair//Stefan and Elena-Say when

Nate and Blair-I l’amour the way toi lie

Gossip Girl-Nate-Blair marriage

Nate Blair-love story

Gossip Girl - Chuck/Blair/Nate - Thinking of toi (Music Video)


Gossip Girl - So Contagious Nate and Blair.flv

Nate and Blair-Stay

Nate and Blair-Angel of mine

Blair and Nate- Bleeding l’amour

Blair & Nate -Sorry

Nate/Blair - Breath

Blair/Nate - Rest of My life

Nate & Blair - It's toi