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This Blair & Chuck photo contains costume d'affaires and costume d’affaires. There might also be portrait, headshot, gros plan, and closeup.

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thats why it's been the underlining l’amour story throughout all the seasons. it's why they have the largest fan base. it's why they are the most complex and beautiful couple ever, it's why they represent the deepness that true l’amour can take you. it's why they are endgame.

to all those "dair" fans stating that dair has been building up since beginning, let me just prove toi wrong:
-Dan and Blair hated each other in season one. Dan could never understand how serena could be Friends with Blair, (who is that loving someone???)
-Dan thought it "made...
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 Why are toi avoiding daddy H?!
Why are you avoiding daddy H?!
A/N: hope toi like this one. there wont be as many GG parts in this one but the odd couple. that last on was just settling her in. there will be a part at the start to keep toi guessing about the episode. anyway enough of my rambling. i need to start this. please review. par the way i have skipped this on a bit. and par a bit i mean three months. toi see the whole actually pregnancy can get a bit annoying but i might keep it going a bit for hannah. she is a teen.
GG: Good morning UES today is a bright new day. apart from a slight brezze coming...
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Rated: References to adult themes...

It had been a few days now and the team had spent their time educating themselves about their current lives and the world they now lived in. Particularly Nate and Chuck who needed to learn so much about politics and basse, bass Industries respectively. Lucky for them it would be expected of them not to know too much anyway as Nate was still studying and Chuck was practically new to the company.

Serena was a natural, once she had found her P.A everything had just fallen into place for her. She had just been offered a new photo shoot and was looking vers l'avant, vers l’avant to getting...
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