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livelovelaugh posted on Jan 01, 2010 at 08:07PM
Right so i hope youve noticed that ive started a weekly themed icon contest! where everyweek i pick a theme and people post there icons below then on friday of each week i make a pick with all the icons and we vote! its just a bit of fun and something to keep the spot alive!

- you have 1 week to make them , no extentions!
- Make the icons yourself!
- Make only 3 or less icons we dont want to many
- Tell people about it!
- Vote for the icon not the person who made it!
- Have fun!

So ive decided the first week didnt count because no one made the icons!
so heres the previous weeks!
Week 1 - Dances theme

Week 2 - I love you theme

Week 3 - Hugs

Next weeks theme is eyesex (moments when they look at each other in that broody way)
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