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le choix des fans: "Black Museum"
le choix des fans: Virtuality reality world, where toi could live after die
le choix des fans: Good
le choix des fans: "Shut Up and Dance" (3x03)
le choix des fans: Loved it!
Loved it!
Liked it.
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FlightofFantasy a dit …
Whoo got my Dedicated!
The one rayon, ray of sunshine in this otherwise shitty day. posté il y a plus d’un an
whatsupwiththat a dit …
oh good I just watched the first two episodes of SE3 and it's killing!!! Playlist though.. it was kind of messy but what an amazing job they'v done! I can't wait to see the rest posté il y a plus d’un an
FlightofFantasy commenté…
Fer sure! Can't wait to hear what toi think of the season as a whole! :) il y a plus d’un an
FlightofFantasy a dit …
What did toi guys think of season three? I loved it! Not quite as good as season one, in my opinion, but better than season two (not that season two was bad ou anything.)
My favori season three episodes were Shut Up and Dance, Hated in the Nation and San Junipero. posté il y a plus d’un an
whatsupwiththat commenté…
I will answer that once I get to watching everything! :) il y a plus d’un an