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posted by to0ota111
A little doll sat with a frown etched upon it's face
Never moving out of it's place
It sat covered in a fine layer of dust
For to get rid, déplacer it must
It's unblinking eye stared at your soul
Years of neglect taking it's toll
A single eye, for the other was hidden
An eye patch covering what was bidden
What curse was upon this doll
Was known to all
A demon protected the caster
The caster of a summon, making it his master
But the demon could not touch the doll, for he had failed
Failed to protect from all that ailed
A mark upon it's hidden eye
Was seen par all who pry
It's soul was trapped in the doll eternally
Stuck in a black abyss for all eternity
It was the last to be made of it's kind
For on it's left thumb, a blue diamond toi would find

P.S I found it on fan-fiction
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