Hamburg - Tokio Hotel, the band which has garnered musique awards and young-girl adulation round Europe, is being stalked par a group of girls whose obsession has turned to aggression, according to the group's manager, David Jost, on Sunday.

Mass-circulation German newspaper Bild a dit the stalkers were a group of four French women who always disguise themselves in full-face masks ou in Islamic-style scarves and called themselves 'Les Afghanes on tour.'

Jost a dit a scuffle on Wednesday at a Hamburg, Germany filling station had involved Tom Kaulitz, 19, and one of the stalkers.

Guitarist Kaulitz, whose on-stage head-dress is a peaked casquette, cap and headband, reportedly hurled a lighted cigarette at the woman, who then stubbed it out on his car windscreen.

The woman, 21, who reportedly suffered a bruise under her eye in the fracas, a dit she had been innocently trying to photograph him.

His twin brother Bill, the singer whose androgynous looks and manners are the German band's trademark, was not present.

Jost a dit in an e-mail to the German Press Agency dpa that the Kaulitz brothers, their parents and the other two Tokio Hotel men were regularly shifting accueil in an effort to keep one jump ahead of the masked stalkers, who had been trailing them for months.

'They aren't fans. They are militant stalkers. It's not true fandom any more,' a dit Jost.

He a dit the Kaulitzes were now filming all the women's approaches, and had complained to police on April 9 about the woman who was later involved in the Hamburg incident.