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posted by lucius_malloy
I was doing these on link and I like sharing so here I am xD

‎About a mois after Lily had finally agreed to go out with James, they were patrolling the corridors hand in hand. Suddenly, James pulled Lily into an empty classroom and kissed her without warning. 
"Guess what?" Lily asked James, smiling up at him. "You were my first kiss."
"Guess what?" James replied. "I'm going to be your second, too."

Minerva McGonagall could see a lot of herself in Hermione Granger. The difference between the two young witches, however, was Hermione's seemingly unbreakable friendship with Harry and...
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posted by DracoLuver
There are many things I wish to capture on written words, and hopefully I will be able to do so in an organized manner. For those unaware of who I am, my name is DracoLuver - otherwise known as Draco, DL, ou Ash. I’m one of the older members of the Biggerstaffs.
A few people have posté their personal feelings, but I will tell toi right now that this is not solely on what I feel, but plus of the truth. And I know for sure many of toi might hate me after lire this. I’ve divisé, split this into three parts:

Immaturity 1
Messages to 2a and 2b


I know that many people are hurt about...
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There's something that I think really needs to be said, and it's about GD.

I know she claims she's joking and all that, but some things just AREN'T funny. Why is it that most of her "jokes" are actually rude ou offensive?

Did toi know that "Shlag" is slang for slut ou whore, and GD's been calling everyone "SHLAAAAAAAAG" as a joke? That's NOT funny. And even if you're "joking" rudeness just isn't funny. Honestly, if someone in RL called me a Shlag, I'd probably have slapped them. Calling someone a slut isn't funny. Nor is it a joke.

Neither is bashing stuff toi don't like ou making rude comments...
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so link got me thinking, so I posté a question about it on my link and wrote down all of my thoughts on the subject in a really disjointed and unorganised manner, since my silly iPad won't let me line break on Facebook comments.
anyway, cause it came up and all, I'm gonna post it here too, still all disjointed and unorganised cause I cbs éditer it :p enjoy!
I might get some hate for this, but I think in this case we, the fans, actually know better than Jo does. I don't mean that we know the houses better ou something, I mean that we know ourselves better than Jo ever could. some of us have maybe...
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posted by DracoLuver
I'm seriously tired of this spot. It's mean for me to say, and truly, I'm not saying this because I hate it, because I don't. I l’amour this spot with all my cœur, coeur and the people here make it better. But a something is really getting to me, and it's really hurting my mind. I just can't deal with all the assumption making. I don't like how Bees is making our family look like horridly cruel prissy girls who don't like anyone who's not in their little group. Our family isn't like that at all.

The reason we started this club was because we felt we were family. We were always on the Harry Potter vs....
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She tried to walk out of the room without attracting the attention. It did not work. She bumped right into him. She groaned and tried to walk around him. He blocked her every which way she went. “Troy can toi please just déplacer out of my way. I have important things that I need to attend to and you’re blocking my way.” Troy smirked at her with his bluish green eyes setting a feu deep within her soul that made every inch of her body hot. She glared at him wanting him to déplacer out of her way. “Troy déplacer out of my way now”, she a dit as she tried not to attract attention to herself par yelling....
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posted by IzzyOzera
Stranger: Blaine!?
You: Kurt?
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: finallY!
You: How are you?
Stranger: I'm totally in l’amour with you!
You: I'm crazy about you!
Stranger: you've brought me to light
Stranger: and my cœur, coeur stops when toi look at me!
You: I l’amour you.
Stranger: I l’amour you, too.
Stranger: wanna vote?
You: yes! I think we should vote. Lets vote right here right now!
Stranger: YES!
Stranger: I l’amour to vote with you
Stranger: want to do it all the time
You: yes. We should never ever stop
You: do it forever and ever!
You: Kurt are toi there?
Stranger: I am
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-___- I wrote this out completely, then it got erased, so during his Im gonna seem like Im in a pissed off mood probably. But ANYWAYS, since everyone was écriture bout their faveorite shows, I thought I would bout my favori movies.

1. Harry Potter
Favorite characters: Sirius, Tonks, George, and Oliver.
Least favorite: Bellatrix, Draco, and Ron. Ik Im gonna get some hate for that...

2. Back to the Future trilogy
Favorite characters: Marty, Dr. Brown, and George.
Least favorite: Biff, Griff, and Lorraine.

3. The Chronicles of Narnia
Favorite characters: Caspian, Reepicheep, Trumpkin, and Aslan.
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posted by kris10853
favori crayon color?

Should gaufres be the National nourriture of America? Deffinitely

Do dog barks make toi cry? Not at all

What are your thoughts about mac and cheese? DELICIOUS

Who is your favori Sesame rue character? Ummmm Big Bird

Ever talked to yourself? Almost every jour XD

How many points do toi have right at the moment? Bout 83.....Wait...Points?

What mood are toi in right now? Chicken

Is your cell phone dead? Yes...Howd toi know...?

Can peas really talk? I hope so....I talked to one earlier...

When was the last time toi applied deoderant? When I got up this morning

Ever eaten soap? Not willlingly

There is no thirteen question, feel free to say what toi would like. Kathy Griffin

Do toi like fifteen question surveys? Sure...

What are your thoughts on Spongebob Squarepants? Use to like it...Not anymore...still remember the movie tho.... HOOPLA!
So I thought I should post this article here because no one ever visits the Punk spot :P I hope that's okay with the rest of you? I'm sure it is. Most of toi seem to like punk I go!

This article is just MY opinion. Don't take it so literal. And don't be hurt if toi see one of your bands in a low position...or just not on here :P

10. A jour To Remember

In récent years punk seems to have shifted from skater to hardcore. (I'm plus of a fan of patin, patinage punk myself) But out of all of the modern metalcore bands I have to say A jour To Remember is the best. So here they are at number 10.

9. Weezer...
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posted by 1-2vampire
Rydw i'n credu i dylen ni fynd ar y daith bws agored o gwmpas Caerdydd. Es i ar y we, ar dechrau'r trip wrth Castell Caerdydd yng nghanol Caerdydd yn gyntaf. Byddwn ni'n edrych o gwmpas Castell Caerdydd cyn i ni gael y bws. O Stadiwm i Mileniwm, bydd y bws a mynd y'r Amgueddfa Genedlaethol Caerdydd, i Ganolfan i Mileniwm, i Techniquest, i Ganolfan i Ddraig Goch, i Llanfa Forwyn y mor i Bella Italia, i Gwesty'r Big Sleep. Bydd hi'n rhoi cyfle yn ymarfer siarad Cymraeg acho bydd y daith yn y Gymraeg. Bydd blwyddwn deg yn cael mynd achos bydd hi'n rhoi cyfle i ni ymarfer siarad Cymraeg a gwrando ar y gymraeg tu allan i'r ysgol. Bydd rhaid cael caniatad oddi wrth y prifathro a rhieni. Yn fy marn i bydd hi'n brofiad ddiddorol a defnyddiol dros ben. Bydd hi'n bosib prynu bwyd yng nghanolfan y Ddraig Goch mewn bwytai fel Spice Pot, Oriental Garden, West Coast, Cadwalader's a Bella Italia. Dwi'n siwr bydd athrawon yr Adran Gymraeg yn trefnu'r trip.
She huddles in the corner, lonely and afraid, knowing that He will return tonight. Silent tears make their way down her cheeks. The room is unbearably cold; she shivers in her thin sweater, wrapping her arms around her again. She hates herself for crying, it is a weakness, it is useless, and no one will help her. They thought she was mad. Before, she was sure she wasn’t mad, yet now, she fears she is losing her mind.
The room’s temperature drops even plus and her blood runs cold. A huge gust of wind blows down the window, and she screams. He is getting plus powerful. And soon, oh, very...
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This is just my opinion on the anon article that was posté bashing GD. The only reason Im posting anonymously is because I dont want to ruin the friendship I have with them.

So Ill begin par sayimg this: We finally put our problems from the summer away, and if we all turn on eavh other, we're gonna bring them back and cause more.

I agreed with lots of the points toi made, but I also agreed with the comments. It is just how GD is, and thats okay. We shouldnt tell poeople to change and complain about how they are. I dont think she was deeply upset par your article,...
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Okay. I'm a Biggerstaff. And I made an Anon account because I just needed to say some thigns that can't be a dit as myself. And this account is open for any Biggerstaff to use-the mot de passe is the same as the one for the original Anon account.

Okay, I'd just like to say something about the "30-Day Biggerstaff Challenge" that someone came up with.

I honestly think that's a bad idea. I mean, that's basically like playing favoris among the Biggerstaffs.

For instance, people who aren't picked for some challenge item might get upset/be wondering, "I'm Friends with that person..why didn't they pick...
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He has not been going to school. He keeps jouer la comédie think he is sick he does not care they he will fail he does not care that he will be taken away. I just want to coup de poing him.......... he thinks nothing can happen he does this about 2 years il y a because some kid was not letting him play football but he says not one is picking on him so whats his bloody problem. We called his princible but he did not call back he a dit he help us but he is not even around. My dad he is never there so he no help. My mum she has to work alot she cant have the exra stress. All my brother cares about is his self.

sorry about the rant but i had to let it out
posted by GemonkDruid
So toi all know that I dislocated my knee a week ago.

In case toi didn't, well... I dislocated mah knee. :P I'll spare toi the gory details, but just to let toi know it's popped back into place, but I still have a torn ligament.

I got to get high on tear gas and got to ride in the ambulance and stayed in the hospital for 5 hours straight. And then they took X-Rays, gave me a leg splint and crutches, and dismissed me.

And today, I went back to the hospital to see the physio guy, and he a dit I had to wear the splint for another month. DAMN. DAMN. DAMMIT.

Lately, I've been missing school, because...
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posted by simpleplan
(Note: One jour I was very bored so I wrote this story I thought toi guys would like to read it. The story will have spelling mistacks I sucks with spelling and Grammer.)

Once upone a time a monky stold Harry's Lucky Charms. Harry was mad he wanted to eat it becuse of it was the best wizarding nourriture of all time but the monkey wanted to flush it down the potty. Harry chast the monkey all around the world and they can to potty city. The monkey throw the Lucky Charms it almost when in the potty intell Pikachu saved it. Harry Potter and Pikachu jump around becuse they got he lucky Charms but then Ash when over and kicked Harry and Pikachu stold the Lucky Carms then ran to NeverLand.

The End XD
posted by GemonkDruid
NOTE: If toi are sensitive with blatant racism against whites and Asians, then a. Why are toi still Friends with me? and b. stop lire this article. I will not deal with people being all butthurt about this.

So par now, I think toi all know that Asian parents get all uptight and pissed about grades. I mean, white parents, they don't care. They're like:

White kid: Mom I got an A
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom I got a B
Mother: *golf clap* That's great honey! *proceeds to bake cookies*
White kid: Mom...I got a C
Mother: ... That's great honey! *accidentally-on-purpose...
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posted by kris10853
100 Fun questions Survey from

Do toi sleep with your closet doors open ou closed? -
Do toi take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from hotel? -
Do toi sleep with your sheets tucked in ou out? -
Have toi ever stolen a rue sign before? -
Do toi like to use post-it notes? -
Do toi cut out coupons but then never use them? -
Would toi rather be attacked par a big ours ou a swarm of a bees? -
Do toi have freckles? -
Do toi always smile for pictures? -
What is your biggest pet peeve? -
Do toi ever count your steps when toi walk? -
Have toi ever peed in the woods? -
What about pooped...
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posted by Waterwhip
 Daquan (Left) Austin (Right)
Daquan (Left) Austin (Right)
I sat in the graphic novel section of the book store with my nose stuck in a Walking Dead comic. Sleeping bodies surrounded me- Daquan's limp body on the floor to my right and Austin's tense body propped against a book shelf to my left. They could get away with it only because nobody came to this isle. It was like the forgotten isle. It was exactly 9:00pm and it had to be the third time I had dragged them both into the book store since 3 that afternoon. All 3 of us had gone there the jour before where I had spontaneously picked up a Walking Dead volume and instantly got addicted.

I could relate...
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