Beyoncé Beyoncé fan Questionnaire (RESULTS USED FOR université RELATED ASSIGNMENT. PLEASE HELP!)

sopiewophie posted on Dec 29, 2011 at 05:11PM
Beyonce Fan Questionnaire

Hello, my name is Sophie! I am a student at the University of Portsmouth undertaking a degree in Media Studies. One of the modules I am currently taking – Analysing Stars , encourages students to become familiar with the variety of aspects around star and celebrity culture throughout the entertainment industry.
For our assessment we have been asked to produce a portfolio of our chosen star/celebrity and define what it is that makes them worthy of being defined in such a way.
An area we must consider is fandom, how the particular star/celebrity communicates with their fans as well as how fans consume, discuss and enjoy celebrating their particular idol.
My chosen star is Beyonce as I personally feel she is a brilliant example of a highly successful individual who has intelligently grown and became renown across the entertainment industry for her talent. From an incredible music carrier, to being featured heavily in print media as well as becoming an actress and creating her own perfume brand, Beyonce has done it all, whilst maintaining respect and a massive fan base worldwide.
I would now like to ask your – the fans, help as I am intending on carrying out my own form of primary research by asking you a few simple questions about yourself, why, where and how you choose to consume any content featuring Miss Beyonce Giselle Knowles.

All information collected will be kept anonymous and purely for personal use applied to University work. Please reply to this questionnaire by numbering your answers, so they correspond to the relevant questions.

About you

1 ) Which age range applies to you: 16 or under 17 – 30 31 – 45 46 +
2 ) How long (roughly) have you participated as a fan on this forum?
3 ) Why did you choose to join and participate in this forum?

About Beyonce

4 ) Would you firstly define Beyonce as a celebrity or a ‘star’ and why?
5 ) Is Beyonce and idol of yours and if so why?
6 ) Do you feel Beyonce is represented fairly by the Media?

About the forum

7 ) What common topics of discussion arise on this forum? (e.g. Beyonce related news, personal experiences, memorabilia etc…)
8 ) Outside of this forum do you/have you engaged with other fans and if so how?
9 ) How often do you visit and/or participate with this online forum community?

About your consumerism

10 ) How long (roughly) have you been consuming Beyonce related content?
11 ) Do you own one or more of Beyonces: CD’s, Films, Concerts, Memorabilia, Tour DVD’s, All of the above
12 ) Will you continue to consume Beyonce content?

Thank you for your time and replying to my questionnaire.

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