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This is a story about our Beyblading Team Kenzi, Mei, Kiro, Zendo, and Alvin. This tells how they became Friends and their journey through the World Tournaments! So lets déplacer on shall we?


*Kenzi's P.O.V.*
Ugh, I'm so bored......
Kiro: *walking around the city* There's no one to battle around here…
Kenzi:Hmm? I wonder if it's too late to rejoindre the World Tournaments? *walks around and notices Kiro*
Kiro: *sees Kenzi* toi a blader? *taking out Flame Tigero*
Kenzi:You bet I am! I'm hoping to be a Jananese Representitive along with Ginka and the others!
Kiro: Hmph. Lets test your skill....
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