I'm sorry this was so late! I'm happy its finally out though.

So I just want to start off par saying that this episode really extra confirmed that this whole montrer is porn. I believed it was porn before this episode, but this episode in particular was extra sexual. Alright-just wanted to get that out there.
So the sode (that’s the douche bag way of saying episode) starts off with the team in front of a book store because a hot actress, Jennifer Nocturne, was going to be there. She acts as a vampire. I noticed the word play with her last name and her movie role. Bats are nocturnal, and she plays a vampire. Another pun with last names-that’s Ben 10 for you. Kevin shows off his toolish characteristics par repeatedly saying how hot Jennifer is, while waiting in line. Gwen thinks the vampire films are romantic-Gwen and Kevin had watched the films together. Aw-unseen Gwevin. When Ben first started describing Kevin as a bad boy and stuff, I wanted Ben to keep taking. I l’amour Kevin being a bad boy.
So vampires, the Twilight saga, True Blood…all of it is so huge right now that even Ben 10 creators couldn’t stay away.
So back to the sode, Jennifer arrives and guys in ski masks with pimpin’ pistolets come. Ben doesn’t believe it until one of the guys fires a gun. The scene turns to Captain Nemesis for a moment, and he is getting on armor. Ben turns Spidermonkey and attacks the ski mask guys. When Ben piled the guys under a web, they were all squirming and that is another characteristic of the sexuality in the show. Then Captain Nemesis comes to the scene, but Ben had already taken care of the guys. Then Jennifer is totally grateful for Ben’s heroism that she kisses him on the lips. For a while. And they montrer it from the angle that should have been shown with Gwen and Kevin’s first on screen kiss.
This made me mad. I’m a Gwevin fan. I don’t even know how to explain this. Gwen and Kevin’s Kiss was not even shown- a viewer couldn’t see the lip to lip action. Gwevin is a pairing with many, many fans. The fans were disappointed with their kiss-somewhat…the angle. And here the creators of Ben 10 are, montrer a full on Kiss between Ben and some chick we have known for five secondes and don’t care about. What a bitch…Gwen and Kevin better have another justified kiss.
After the theme, Kevin, Gwen, and Julie are on Ben’s canapé watching T.V. I noticed how Kevin and Gwen were sitting on the couch-his arm on the canapé in back of her and her leaning in towards him. Every channel that Kevin turns it on consists of news about Ben and Jennifer –or “Bennifer.” Julie says that she believes Ben and her are just friends. I’m so glad that Gwen called her out on that. Julie has let Ben walk all over her. He has done whatever he wanted and Julie just forgives him every time. Grow a pair Julie.
Julie was right on one thing though-Ben really adores Captain Nemesis. He was infatuated with a “CN” comic magazine on Captain Nemesis. On the T.V. they kept montrer the picture of Bennifer and talking about the big romance, and Julie a dit that she wished they wouldn’t montrer that picture so much. Ben argues that she kissed him and that he didn’t even enjoy it. The he starts talking the pure language of douche.
He says how they went to dîner and they went in her hot tub…
Ben: “That was fun-great view…”
Great view of what exactly? That trailed thoughts to different “views” but he started describing the view of the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Treance lining up. Then he starts talking about how her publicist had ideas of traverser, croix pollination…and Kevin laughs so cute! It was an immature, funny, adorable laugh! So it was the traverser, croix pollination of Ben and Jennifer’s careers-not the type of traverser, croix pollination that has to do with sexual reproduction of plants.
Then after Ben says Jennifer is too down to earth for limos, she arrives in a helicopter. Kevin loves being introduced to her, and Jennifer then gives Julie a compliment.
Jennifer: “That dress is so cute.”
Julie: “So’s your helicopter.”
At the party Ben and Jennifer are attending, I noticed that every single man there was wearing the same exact tuxedo. The tuxedo wasn’t even modern classic enough to be repeated that many times…
So Jennifer was all over Ben in front of Captain Nemesis, saying how Ben would be good for the fourth Vampire movie. Ben was just really excited to see Captain N. and commenté on him about how great he was and stuff.
Captain Nemesis:”If toi live long enough, they’ll say that about toi too. If toi live long enough.”
That was the funniest line of the episode in my eyes. The seconde time he a dit ‘if toi live long enough’ in the way he a dit it made me laugh. toi can tell that Nemesis is just trying to hold himself high and come off as if there is nothing bothering him, when secretly there is.
The scene changes to Gwen and Kevin at Kevin’s house, with Gwen trying to figure out information on the weapons used earlier par the ski mask guys. Kevin knows they aren’t alien tech, but he made some calls.
The scene again switches to Nemesis expressing his anger to a man named Simons. Simons had set up the come-back of Nemesis’ that failed. Nemesis’ full plans are revealed, and they set up another fight situation to renew Nemesis’ fame. Simons talks to Will Harangue; news anchor. He lets Harangue in on exclusive footage of the fight, and an exclusive interview afterwards.
The scene again changes to where the fight scene takes place. Robots come from what seems to be a portal type thing, and they say they are going to “claim the world as their own.” I need to point out that the camera guy with Simons is black. This montrer barely has people of different ethnicities, and now when they throw a black person in there, he is the minor part of a camera man. Almost like a lackey. A huge majority of many shows on many networks are really based around one group of people that are a certain race, but the makers put in people of other races just to seem not racist. I don’t know, just saying.
Ben arrives at the fight and takes out all the robots except one, which Nemesis destroys. After the destruction is over, Ben gets interviewed par the news reporters that ask him if he is Nemesis’ new sidekick. Ben comes back saying how successful he was in the fight and that maybe Nemesis should be his sidekick. Harangue saw that as a huge insult, (which it was) but Nemesis a dit Ben needed to be guided and then challenged Ben to a friendly competition for charity.
Then back in Kevin’s accueil garage Kevin, Gwen, and Julie tell Ben how he is wrong and that Nemesis’ company made the weapons the ski mask guys used. Ben doesn’t believe them and he sadly says that they don’t have to come to the competition.
At the competition, Jennifer hosts for Harangue’s news channel. The first round was throwing trains for distance which Ben won with Humongasaur. The seconde trial was a test of speed. Ben tried to go Jetray, but he went Rath instead.
Rath: “Let me tell toi something Ultimatrix! Rath is sick of toi not working right! It’s not even funny anymore…”
I l’amour Rath-he is the funniest of Ben’s aliens. When he a dit it wasn’t funny, I laughed and thought it was. Nemesis gets a rocket attached to his back, so he easily beats Rath. Rath got mad though because Nemesis had blasted him in the face with his rocket. Rath attacks him until Jennifer expresses her shock par the attack. Ben changed back and a dit that Rath get carried away sometimes. The tie breaker is a tug of war with a pit of mud in the middle.
Captain Nemesis: “For the losers sake, I hope its mud.”
Ben transforms into Four-Arms, and calls out his name like usual. Then Captain Nemesis shouts his own name, and Ben says that that is stupid. WHAT a hypocrite. Four-Arms a.k.a. Ponytail, wins the tug-of-war making Ben the global, ensemble winner of the whole competition.
The scene changes to Nemesis, who wants plus power. He is madder than ever before, and wants to amp up his suit despite the risks.
The scene again changes to Julie playing tennis. She is really pissed at Jennifer, and she is getting her anger out par hitting the tennis balls. I thought there were some good angles with her face and once before she hit the ball, she was looking up and was sweaty. There was a day-dreamy look to her there for a second. Then Nemesis comes up behind her. It was funny when she whipped around and smashed her racket on his head. But then it was really child molester-like when he told her something like, “good-fight back, I like that” in an extremely creepy way. I thought he might rape her. Another reason I thought this episode was extra sexual and porn-like.
The suivant scene is where Jennifer is in her helicopter talking to her agent ou manager. Nemesis attacks the helicopter.
The suivant scene is Ben driving in his car, and calling Julie. Nemesis changed Julie’s voicemail though, and Ben finds out that Nemesis took her.
So Ben goes immediately to Nemesis’ place. He turns Humongasaur, then Ultimate Humongasaur before he even sees Nemesis. It’s obvious that he is very serious and doesn’t want to mess around. Once Nemesis shows and says Ben’s name wrong again, Ben attacks immediately and harshly. His hand missiles were worse than ever before. Ben has got Nemesis in a hold and Nemesis reveals that Julie and Jennifer are hanging from the Captain Nemesis statue. It came down to the classic girl-of-the-hero question- who will Ben choose to save? Julie told Ben to be careful. No offense to Julie, but she looked frumpy and unattractive in that unflattering tennis outfit. Anyway, Jennifer just yelled for Ben to save her. Ben turned into Goop and saved Julie when Nemesis shot a laser at the rope. Somewhere along the way, Ben must have called Kevin and Gwen for back-up because they saved Jennifer. Well really only Gwen saved her with manna, but Jennifer was lowered into Kevin’s arms. Then Kevin held Jennifer and protected her from the blast par Nemesis, though Gwen blocked it with her manna shield. Enjoy it while toi can Kevin. Gwen is inches away from cutting your balls off, and if it weren’t for Captain Nemesis being psycho, she would have. The team fights Nemesis and Gwen and Kevin find out that he is hot. Nemesis says that it is power and poses to match his statue. He then states that he wants to be called “Overlord.” Wow. That screams pathetic. I l’amour how Ben responded to him:
Ben: “How about we call toi a good therapist?”
Because “Overlord” was so hot, Ben tried to go Big Chill. Instead he got Water Hazard, but he could completely work with that. I like how he absorbed the water from the air-it makes his powers seem plus realistic. Because I was thinking, “Where does he store all that water in his body?” I’m glad they put the absorbing the moisture from the air thing in there because when I used to watch Pokemon, I didn’t believe the water types had that much water in them.
So Ben changes back and gets really mad at Nemesis after pounding him. He is full of rage because Nemesis was plus focused on fame than helping people. Then we see Jennifer getting all sweet with Kevin. How skanky. But Gwen takes control.
Gwen: “I will peel toi like a grape.”
She looked ugly while saying it, but I’m glad she can stand her ground and not get walked all over like how Julie lets people do to her.
Ending the show, Harangue broadcasts Ben as being bad and disturbing society on the news. There is a picture shown of Nemesis being taken away par the cops.
So I actually did like this episode a lot even if it was perverted. It had some good moments of humor and further revealed the characters’ personalities. I want to say that I loved all of Jennifer’s outfits-especially the white short shorts at the end. I have to say that I would probably have been just as flirty with Kevin as she was. I don’t blame her-Kevin is hot. She was smart to take advantage of hanging out with Ben too-the traverser, croix pollination of their careers is a good idea. That’s all-bye.
P.S.-Again, sorry it was rediculously late.