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Kevin in the race of Time

Ben and Gwen were trapped in a fire,titanium,Metal and pure or Cage with no way out.The only way out was if Kevin succeded in the number of challenges, he has to do.Charmcaster a dit to Kevin "if toi don't succed in this challenge toi Friends will melt one bit at a time".Kevin started to cry,he knew he had to save,his friends.The first Challenge was to Fight toi Kevin.Kevin was confused how can he be there when he was a knew older gooder Kevin.Kevin the thought "it doesn't matter all i have to do is beat the old version of me".Charmcaster then came in the room, the young Version of Kevin stopped fighting.Charmcaster a dit "Also Kevin toi have to finish each challedge in half an hour, that means toi have 20 plus minutes left". Kevin yelled "you horried person What do toi want of my friends"."What i want is Revenge"Replied Charmcaster.Charmcaster then left the room, and Kevin and young Kevin continued to fight.Kevin got a coup de poing in the face.Kevin turned to Metal.He grabbed young Kevin par the leg and Threw him to the other side of the room.Young Kevin Died.Charmcaster then entered the room and a dit "Congratulation Kevin your frineds are going to live".Kevin sighed a sigh of relief.Ben and Gwen were going to live.But Remember Kevin has to face plus chalenges.