Ok, now lets start out at the the beginning. Ben Tennyson, an easy going, self righteous, "C" student, discovers a recently invented alien device while on vacation with his grandpa and cousin. It was designed to montrer what other sentient being have to go through in the universe par transforming the user into a dit species for ten minutes at a time, called "The Omnitrix". The Omnitrix was created par a small group of aliens, and since the rumors of the Omnitrix's creation a tyrant known as Vilgax has been hunting it for his own purposes, which is how it ended up on earth. Well anywho Ben eventually defeats Vilgax and locks him away in a alternate dimension for housing criminals known as the Null-void. Ben's cousin, Gwen and grandpa, Max also helped with Vilgax's defeat thanks to Gwen's new found magic abilities and Max being a retired "Plumber", an intergalactic police force. The truth of the matter is that Ben from "Ben 10" isn't the same Ben from "Ben 10: Alien Force" thanks to an inter-dimensional being known as Eon, later to be discovered is an evil incarnation of Ben, looks to gather all of the Bens from the infinite dimensions to form his own army to rule everything in existence, using a device known as The Hands of Armageddon. In Ben 10, Ben manages to destroy the Hand of Armageddon in his dimension when he was 10 where as Ben from Alien Force destroyed it when he was 16. This also implies, considering that there are infinite dimensions that Ben's story may have been altered, that all fan-fictions of the Ben 10 universe are all ...technically canon.

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