"come on Gwen" smiled Ben at his cousin.All of sudden a blast happen in the mid east Ben,Kevin, and Gwen went to see what it is a girl with caramel skin black hair and light blue eyes turn around "hello im Mercedes"smiled the girl Gwen hug her "best friend Mercedes"cry Gwen "hey Gwen"smiled Mercedes Kevin and Ben just stared at each other "you are pretty cute" flirted Ben Mercedes blushes and kisses Ben on the cheek she turn around and blast a rock her powers are like Gwen
"So your Mercedes" smiled Kevin she only nodded putting her long hair in a ponytail Ben stared at her hand "nice symbols" Ben a dit Mercedes cover her hand "It's my birthmark" smiled Mercedes "doesn't look like it" Ben stared into her eyes Mercedes caught this "k k my father is a alien and my mother is angel" Mercedes a dit with guilt Ben and Gwen look at each other and back at Mercedes Ben walk up to her looking at her and smile.She smiled back her light blue contacts looking at his moves "nice eyes" smiled Ben "contacts" she confess she took them out montrer off her green eyes "wow" Ben blush at her eyes Mercedes giggled and took out her hair so it can tickle his nose he started to laugh at the feeling Kevin started to laugh "Ben got a girlfriend"Kevin keep saying.Ben blush but Mercedes was gross out "o no I'm older then Ben" she stomp away