1. Refer to other people as "filty mudbloods"

2. Throw away your comb, toi won't need it.

3. Practice making your laugh as insane as possible

4. Be prepared to spend your life in Azkaban

5. Get a dark mark tatooed on your arm

6. Constantly explain to people theories about why toi think that Voldemort is actually not dead

7. Actually go searching for Voldemort

8. Scream Crucio at numerous muggles and demand information on the whereabouts of voldemort

9. Constantly change the conversation topic to voldemort

10. Insist that people call toi "Bella"

11. Stay out of the sun. The paler your skin is, the better

12. Carry a pocket knife

13. Convince people that dumbledore is the real cause of harry's parents death

14. Decorate your room with slytherin banners

15. Attempt to learn parsletongue

16. Use your histaical laugh as much as possible

17. Refuse to touch anything a filthy mudblood has come in contact with

18. Talk to people with a fanatical approach

19. Dress sexy

20. Eat your steak cooked rare

21. Sit in a corner and mumble "the voices........the voices......" just loud enough for people to hear

22. When someone tells toi something very sad (like a person passing away), cackle and scream "Congradulations!"

23. Kill Harry Potter

24. Act paronoid and every so often quickly turn around and scream Avada KEDAVRA!

25. Joke about tragic incidents in the news, such as a bridge colpsing... and whisper "The dark lord knows he will be in power soon"

26. Spend hours convincing people that toi are truly the "sane" one

27. Pretend to go deaf when someone tells toi that Voldemort is a half blood

28. Tell your husband that toi want to have a threesome with the Dark Lord

29. Carry a wand with toi at all times

30. Use your wand when in doubt, at all times

31. Kill first, ask questions later

32. Wear tight dresses and leather boots/ stilletos

33. Pastels are NOT your colour.

34. Laugh at the most inappropriate times and scream when someone makes a joke

35. Become the most populaire death eater on fanpop

People please help me think of some more. I know this is a very lame list. I'll try and think of some plus later