salut Guys. Here is A liste I came up with (Luna--Lovegood helped) of fun ways to annoy Bellatrix. Guaranteed to get toi crucio-ed! Please commentaire and let me know what toi think. Thank toi to Luna--Lovegood for helping me write this, toi are quite creative for a non-deatheater, Luna!

1. Impersonate the dark Lord and convince her that he’s really into peace with Muggles.

2. Whenever she cackles evilly, roll your eyes in an obvious way and grumble, “That’s getting sooooo old, Bella”

3. suivant time she uses the Cruciatus Curse on someone, groan and say she has no imagination when it comes to torturing people

4. Suggest that the Dark Lord thinks that Snape is a plus loyal Death Eater than she is

5. Offer to take her shopping so that she doesn’t have to wear her old Halloween costume anymore

6. Tell her how loudly and in great detail how much she reminds toi of Tonks

7. Surreptitiously tell her that the Dark Lord has been “Seeing Someone”, than add in a whisper, “He’s got good taste!”

8. Impersonate Voldemort and tell her that she’s being kicked out of the Death Eaters because she’s not evil enough.

9. Imperius Wormtail to constantly follow her around, declaring undying l’amour for her

10. Tell her that toi think she’d look good in pastels, particularly pink.

11. Ask her just WHAT use was she to the Dark Lord when she was stuck in Azkaban?

12. Anonymously send her a Barbie Doll as a Christmas gift

13. Tell her that whoever sold her the wig she’s wearing definitely pulled a fast one on her

14. Write “I Wish Voldy Loved Me” on the back of her dress.

15. Lock her up in a Sephora store

16. Ask her just what did ripping up her dresses achieve?

17. Ask her why Voldemort doesn’t l’amour her back

18. Constantly criticize Voldemort in front of her

19. Impersonate Voldemort and tell her she’s not allowed to use crucio anymore

20.Frame her Azkaban Mug Shot and put copies of it up everywhere.

21. Put up posters that say stuff like “I l’amour Muggles”, and “My best friend is a Mudblood” in her bedroom.

22. Make her listen to Justin Bieber (Actually that’d piss anyone off)

23. Anonymously send her self-help books, with titles like, "Crucio for Dummies", and "How to control your Insanity"

24. Tell her that she looks EXACTLY like a very well-known Muggle named Helena Bonham Carter

To the Bellatrixes: Maybe toi could help rate this, and tell me exactly what you'd do to anyone who did any of these things to you? Strictly for research purposes? Thank you!!