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1. Only talk to purebloods

2. Tell her toi overheated Voldemort telling Lucius he should be "More like her"

3. Kill Andromida & Ted,

4. Bring her Neville & help her torture him until he's plus loopy than his parents

5. Get really really good at Crucio (not as good as her)

6. Throw a couteau at every house elf in sight

7. Wear all black ou Slytherin couleurs

8. Tell her how much better she is than anyone else

9. Reasure her she's Voldemort's favorite.

10. When Voldemort pushes her down, help her up & insist he's into S&M

READ THIS!!! I did write some of these, but others I am repeating. I have no idea who made them up
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