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Edward, Nessie and I spent the jour with Charlie and Sue. Sue cooked a huge dinner, actually. We had insisted on coming over after dinner, and insisted… and insisted. They didn’t seem to want to take “no” for an answer however. Once there, we had to play it off like we had forgotten and already ate. That was odd. Something I’m getting somewhat used to though.

After dîner I helped Sue clean the table, tableau and dishes. She had accidentally bumped into me and had a shocked look on her face. I half smiled at her before she blurted out “Wow Bella, your body...
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Filming at the house set as Bella Swan’s residence has finished for Eclipse. We have concrete proof of this as the house as been torn down.

Malicious Mandy has pictures to prove it. Here is her rapporter -

There was a full crew working hard to empty the interior and begin taking down the house. Labelled boards were removed from inside the house (labelled so they are easily re-assembled suivant flick – where ever and when ever that may be)

The chimney coming down was interesting to see and the trees were all “unplugged” from their holes the metal cylindars in the deep holes that held the trees in place were removed and large cement blocks covered the deep holes.

Drilling, Hammering and chargement of things into trucks kept the crew busy.

So sad Here is a look back of Bella’s house during happier times: Here, Here, and the first time we ever seen her house back during New Moon filming

[Thanks, Aleksandra, noctural_dreams21, and Little_angel!]
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