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Bella Swan
This is a liste of all of the Kristen Stewart related clubs that I thought toi may want to join.
They are clubs that include herself, cast members, characters etc.

[Names may be a little different to how written here.]
Here We Go :)

Bella & Friends/Family

Bella cygne & Jacob Black
Bella cygne & Charlie Swan
Bella cygne & Alice Cullen [bffs]
Bella & Carlisle
Edward, Bella & Renesmee
Bella & Rosalie
Rosalie, Bella and Alice

Bella vs. ...

Bella cygne vs. Elena Gilbert
Bella cygne vs. Bellatrix Lestrange
Bella cygne vs. Kristen Stewart

Bella & Others

Bella cygne & Elena Gilbert
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Hi, this is the 17th chapter of My True Love. Some of toi may have not read it, if toi havent then please read on, but toi might want to go and check out the others first (they are all on my page) the next-and last!- chapter will be posté in a few days so, keep and eye out and I hope toi enjoy!
Love Twilightsauce

We had all come here for a picnic today, in the meadow, because it was a sunny day. We were all here the whole pack and all of the Cullen’s. The meadow was deserted and it looked peaceful and serene with arc en ciel spots dancing around.
Nessie was heavily pregnant and our baby was due...
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Two hours to go... 1 heure to go... 50 minutes... 45 minutes. I was starting to get sick of waiting. Why couldn't time déplacer faster? Edward, my boyfriend, had promised to pick me up 10 o clock. Okay, wrong choice of word. the word boyfriend doesn't really illustrate enough of my eternal commitment for Edward, but it's the closest I can get without sounding stupid. Anyway, it was New Years Eve and Edward and I were going to spend the last few hours of the an concentrating on being together. Then we were going somewhere special to see the New an in. That's all Edward would tell me. The rest...
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hey! Thanks for all the comments. I hope toi guys are liking my fan fic. Thank toi so, so, so, so, so, so, so, so much Halunik for helping me :)

Edward's POV

I slowly unfolded the piece of paper. I could hear everyone was anxious to read the letter.
The first thing I saw was the curly écriture again. I read the letter out loud.

"Dear Cullen's
Hi, my name is Tash. I am truly sorry that I have taken Bella away from toi all, but it's the only thing I could do. See the future of all Vampire's in Danger and the only one who can save us all, is you're precious Bella."
I paused, Emmett chuckled.
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posted by 1TeamEdwardFan
Hope toi guys enjoy. Please comment. Also I'm trying to think of what to do suivant ou after she sees Edward as a human, if toi guys have any idea's for me, ou what toi might like to happen please let me know :)

Bella's POV

"So when can we go, see him?" I asked getting really excited. I would actually get to see Edward! And as a human!
"Not right now Bella."
"What?" I asked, my face falling just a bit.
"It's almost 11pm, Edward would be sleeping most likely."
"Oh okay... Well i guess that makes sense." I still couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed.
"Bella its been a big day, I think toi should...
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posted by KatiiCullen94
Ok im sorry, for the wait, I just got hook on other and rah rah, Plus, i was écriture my new one In the new world can toi please tell wither toi liked that?

ok, here where we go.

I stood in the middle of the stage, still, lifeless. Edward, Alice Jasper stood in front of me, no hallianation this time , but really there.
My cœur, coeur weeped for the final time.
Do i move, do i even think. Edward, stood as perfect as perfect as he always have been. His bronze hair still sat in the same style, his face still soo beautiful , and his eyes were my peace.
"ALICE!" i screamed. My best friend, i missed her...
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Bella Swan