I remember the jour when i promised myself that i would never return back, the place where i am being forced to return. I have never been this scared before in my life. i would give anything right now to back to my dad, in my room, with Jacob, where i am sûr, sans danger in the slightest and not on a sunny,blizzering beaten road weaving throught the tropical streets of Jacksonville in the back siège my mothers Commodore. Feeling my heartbeat throught my ears.
I can feel my lunch begin to rise as i started to remember the rue signs, the local bakery and smells of humiddity. My Mothers belly inferred with stirring wheel , at points of the drive i felt that we continueously doing fishtales, yet again contributing to my upset stomach. Mum a dit nothing, i felt her discomfort, she knew why.
The car began to slow on the curb of a suburban house that i tried to blur in my memories. I felt my chin quiver,. It was stalmate between me and the house. There was no way back, but yet i diddnt bring myself to déplacer from my seat.
Mum hand reached from the front seat, she remained silent. She requested my hand. i causiously raised mine in response, shaking unconciously.Her hand was hold aside from the heat rays avporating throught the windows.
"Sweetheart, im so sorry, I never wanted to bring toi back, but toi know me, im selfish , and im scared. I can't do it alone, i need someone, Bella do toi understand" My mother confessed throught a voice that was soo scared for her life, i heared the flem in her throat, and her persuit to control her sobs and tears.
I a dit nothing, but inside i was screaming. I could not imagine anyone in my place years ago, and here my mother was stuck here , scared. i watched her immensly, studing her aging face, she was not the way i left her many years ago. The portiats of her that sat on Charlies mantipiece beg to differ to the reality of her real being. I watched her, the woman that has demanded me here after many years distant years to help through her pregnancy. She has 4 months remaining. But now, i see really why I'm here, to free her from the house, where secrets and horrors lives in the walls.

Walking into the house, was the nightmare i fear was coming true, How things have changed. The rooms were empty and the carpet smelled of bière and gym pitts. the marks on the walls looked fresh and disgarded, they told a tale. The lingering lour of cigarrette flowed in from the back porch, where two large chiens accombine a showdowed figure. The glass doors, had shatter marks and dried up slyiver. The house had gojne to ruins, type toi saw on TV where a pair of bill billy's grew their weed and raised their chats and 12 kids in.
A gentle touch woke me back from my investgating trance.
Mother's beed eyes beared down at me, her eyes emflamed from the car, her other arm raised and planted on my other shoulder, her whole fce glearig down at me. She was scared adn sympathic. Finally she spoke "Bella,i really need toi to go to your room and stay in there until i say so, He doesnt wish to see toi right now, which is some aspects good news," She began to wimper, she finsihed par s’embrasser my forehead.