the remake of the old capter 3, i was just to tired that i worte horible

dedicated to migutza2006

i sat down with my hot warm of coffee into the old armchair. just starrting at her lie there in her deep innocent slumber.
i couldnt resist, to walk over and just stop and stare.
she had two dimples painted in her cheeks with her smile, as thought hse was having a dream, a good dream. she was a good dream only waiting fr me to wake up.
she was peace, the inner tranquility that i longed the heal from.
she may not be able the heal the hole in my chest, but she was one big bandaid.
i stood there for minute just taking it all in, that she was mine, all mine, came from me.
i dont know how in the world that a person like me could even produce something so. perfect.
when she just stopped.she froze, diddnt move.
this is wrong, this isnt right.
she wasnt even breathing. wait what.
the pants became before i started to panic.
and it kicked in, and she still hadnt started yet. oh god. what do I do!!!
i dont rember thinking when i picked her annd placed her the car, i diddnt time to call jacob, but i think he knows.
i started driving to the hospital. except i head the opposite direction, the forks hospital was doing upgrades, and was too dangerous,that and a doctor went there.
Bella this isnt the time to think about them !!!!
i reached any aléatoire hospital,
i diddnt even know where i am. but all i knew that Tanna was starting to look differenet, that i cant even look.
i runn as fast as i could, praying that i dont trip over my clumsy legs, this was not the time.
"Please, help" i yelled as load i could , with my pants.
"whats wrong" a dit a soft velevet voice.
i remember that voice, i twisted to see him.
my mouth dropped. Carlisle stood before me.
he stood and stared.
"bella" he whispered
"please, i dont know whats wrong with her" it was then that he looked at her. he quickly grapped her and ran, perhaps a little too fast for thei public rules.
i was in too panic to actaully realise that this was the real him, not voices, no dreams,
he choose the closest room,. i ran inside, but he instisted that i stay out,
as much as i diddnt want, i did,
i Lost all breath, and my panting grew on.
then i fludded with it all, like in the car all the emotion and realitly had been on hold to this exact moment.
i felt the tears flow down one par one, like a marching army.
What if i can never see my baby smile with dimples again.
ou to look at me with precise and innocent eyes.
to never the jacob in her. to have her slip through my hands as though she was water.
a life over soo quickly , so fast, as though it never was, that toi could hardly beleive that it existed.
please dont let me lose another love. my knees gave in and colasped to the floor, jsut letting the sobs be realised as they willed to do. then i just faded out.
"bella" from a husky voice. jacob.

.. to be continued