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the dark knight
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Captain Stacy: Hi I'm a Marvel
Gordon: ...Hey what are toi doing here at Commissioner Loeb's funeral?
Stacy: I'm coordinating it! Alright, first things first. The Joker threatened to kill our beloved mayor, so for the funeral, I think it's best to have it in a location with an obscene amounts of windows.
Gordon: ...but what about sharpshooters?
Stacy: Please. We're doing our job.
Gordon: No you're not doing your job. At DC, we get to the bottom of the matter. Like detectives. We're not here to let people off with a warning in order to set good examples for children
Stacy: Yes clearly from watching...
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the dark knight
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When i was 5 years old i ask my father, who did he like better Batman ou Superman?

He answer Batman. So i ask why Batman, he doesn't have superpowers he is just a guy.

My father response was: "That's exactly why. He is just a guy, but a really tough guy. He punches the bad guys, he has cool gadgets, and he never gives up"

Something click in my mind and i been a Batman fan ever since.

I watch the cartoons, the movies, and when i got older the comics.

So how about toi guys? When did toi became a Batman fan
Justsomerandomguy is making these again with wolverine and Watchmen – les Gardiens going at each other. Go see them on youtube. Have a flashplayer. Watch them all. I was copying him. He's the master.

Gavin Hood: Hi. I'm a Marvel.
Chris Nolan: And I'm a DC.
Gavin Hood: salut where's Watchmen?
Nolan: I gave them the jour off.
Hood: Why?
Nolan: I have a bone to pick with you. I saw X-Men Origins this weekend and quite frankly I'm confused. Why did toi copy Hans Zimmer's score almost to the tee when toi were already facing the task of convincing people toi weren't copying my Batman films?
Hood: Because...I did what,...
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This review is dedicated to Adam West: the best Batman of all time.

The New Adventures of Batman is a 1977 animated show. It was made par Filmation who also made the first He-Man télévision show.


Batman, Robin, Batgirl, and Bat-Mite protect Gotham City from the villains. Bat-Mite tries to be helpful, but often causes conflicts for the Dynamic Duo. Each episode had a lesson for the kids to learn.

This montrer is 40 years old. Back then plots were really simple and this montrer is proof of that. However the plots aren't bad. The montrer was meant for kids. 1 of the main reasons that the montrer works is...
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Credit: posté to YouTube par JoBlo Movie Trailers.
Batman and harley quinn
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Batman begins
jonathan grue, crane
posted by hey-ya101
After bruce was done watching the tape he thought about what alfred a dit so he asked alfred what was the matter and alfred a dit that he had taped a basketball, basket-ball game but, the Joker interupted it par saying. I will hold Gothem`s mayor hostige until Gothem`s citizens give batman`s identity to me, Joker. And if they don`t I shall kill the mayor.HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!! Bruse had to think fast in order to save the mayor but he didn`t now how to. Then, an idea hit him, bruce wanye would invite the mayor over to a party that bruce would throw then, when Joker came he would go to the batcave and then go to the party as batman.But what kind of party, I mean what would be so important to throw a party and invite the mayor.Bruse thought.then he remebered his newest invention the wanye inc. made it is so important he has to throw a party and he will tell what it is there. to be continued...
posted by Milesprowerfan
I glanced around the old mansion for quite some time. I'd ask a question about a broken pot ou a portrait. Art still fascinates me today. I guess it got annoying, since Catwoman slapped me with the whip. "Stop pestering, Strike." She said. "Your room is at the haut, retour au début of the stairs. Come back down when you're done." She seemed pretty mad. This made me suspicious. I shrugged it off and went to the staircase.

Looking up, I could tell it was pretty tall. Tall, and dusty. I pulled out my inhaler and began the climb upwards. This mansion, I guessed, must've had three stories. I passed a middle level...
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Upon seeing his newly transformed face in the mirror, Jack Napier (Jack Nicholson) takes leave of the realm of sanity completely and becomes.. the Joker..
jack nicholson
jack napier
plastic surgery
The opening credits for 'Batman and Harley Quinn' have been released at San Diego Comic Con 2017! [Credit: SYFY WIRE on YouTube].
harley quinn
Batman and harley quinn
opening credits
san diego comic con
comic con
Talk about divisé, split personalities. rejoindre, and in this installment of Versus, we're pitting Heath Ledger against Jack Nicholson to see who's the better Joker.
le Joker
jack nicholson
Heath Ledger
After Batman & Robin, the franchise got ruined. Back in 1998 this were the rumors for Batman 5 (Triumphant)

The villains were Scarecrow played par Kevin Spacey ou Jeff Goldblum, and Harley Quinn played par Mira Sorvino ou Madonna.

And wait there's more; for the role of Batman:
David Duchovny, Kurt Russel, John Travolta, Brendan Fraser and Mel freaking Gibson!

I’m not kidding those were the rumors back then!!!
I found the article in an old magazine. And i laughed so hard

So suivant time toi read some rumors like Eddie Murphy as the Riddler. Don’t get upset.
 And the world is a better place now
And the world is a better place now
Heck, if we know one thing here at Watchmojo, it’s that everything is better from Batman!
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