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 Sugar prune Fairy (Pet Society version)
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Source: My cousin! LOL!
I just saw this picture while looking at her pics, and I saw this, and it's cute! It's the Sugarplum Fairy outfit for the PS' Christmas week!
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This les films Barbie fan-art contains petit gâteau, cupcake, dépoli gâteau de couche, gâteau de couche givré, and givré gâteau de couche. There might also be tutti frutti, bouquet, corsage, posy, nosegay, and charlotte.

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I seen Fairy Secret today! Let me tell you, it was AWESOME!

The Cast:
Diana Kaarina: Barbie
Adrian Petriw: Ken
Britt Irvin: Raquelle
Silvio Pollio: Zane
Laura Bailey
Cassandra Morris
Kate Higgins
Brittney Wilson
^I wish I could remember who they voiced!
And my eerie feeling was incorrect, Christopher Gaze wasn't there! Sorry Abbey!

The Characters:
(Her name prononuciation confused me! It's pronounced Grahseaella{In phonetic spelling})
She was pretty nice. Untill she was under the l’amour spell, then she was a total airheaded b****!

She was the same as in Fashion Fairytale.

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