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le choix des fans: As a princess
le choix des fans: Prince Carlos
le choix des fans: Barbie island princess
le choix des fans: Rosella & Antonio
le choix des fans: Barbie
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angelclouds a dit …
I remember the jour I joined this club, it was so joyful and a very lively community for all people with the same interest. I was so young back then and now I'm all grown up and working as a graphic designer. Dreams do come true when toi believe in yourself as Barbie always says. Even though time has passed really fast and a lot of things have changed, I keep on coming back to this place to find inspiration.

Share your story too. posté il y a 4 jours
FairyElina14 commenté…
Me too♥ I am also a Graphic Designer and really l’amour this group even though is not as active as before il y a 1 jour
connor3 a dit …
If it's true there is no new movie due to the Dreamhouse Adventures tv show, than I think we should get some news about it before the end of the May. The montrer will start airing par that date, and the production of all 26 episodes should be completed. If we won't hear anything suivant month, I think maybe we should start some petition ou something? Perhaps an action on Mattel/Barbie Facebook etc. posté il y a 6 jours
FairyElina14 commenté…
Agree! il y a 1 jour
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
It seems they are currently focused with new doll lineup and mini tv series instead of movies. Sad but true. il y a 11 heures
MelodyLaurel commenté…
Mattel seems preoccupied with the Dreamhouse franchise and the Barbie vlogs these days. I would definitely start worrying about the possibility that Barbie films have been discontinued, especially donné what happened to Ever After High. Sadly a part of me was always afraid this jour would come, that one jour the films would become too obsolete/not profitable enough for Mattel to produce anymore. We could try a petition, but I doubt we'd be able to gather enough people and become vocal enough to make a difference. il y a 4 heures
FairyElina14 a dit …
I enter to this group every jour to see if somebody posts something about a possible Barbie movie :'( posté il y a 14 jours
mhikari commenté…
some here..T_T il y a 12 jours
FairyElina14 commenté…
I'm so sad :( il y a 9 jours