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Sparklefairy375 a dit …
l’amour the new banner 😍 posté il y a 9 jours
cynti19 commenté…
I'm the one made it, but thanks anyway. il y a 2 jours
XTinkerBellx commenté…
It looks beautiful! il y a 2 jours
Candywitch a dit …
Mattel has created their own movie division which means they'll be making films and specials so it's probably not the end of Barbie movies. posté il y a 23 jours
mhikari commenté…
Cool there still hopes. il y a 23 jours
BarbieRosella commenté…
That's good news... I guess. il y a 22 jours
Sparklefairy375 commenté…
I hope they're just taking a hiatus and not discontinued the movies... il y a 21 jours
FairyElina14 commenté…
I still believe they will mke plus il y a 21 jours
barbieboonchit a dit …
How i can watch Dreamhouse Adventure ss 2?
Mattel still blocks my Netflix contry. posté il y a 28 jours
Candywitch commenté…
Hopefully someone will mettre en ligne it like last time. il y a 23 jours