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Our team is very pleased that we have our brothers and sisters, because they are the ones who have helped us in many ways. These are the people who loved us and we shared many memories with them. They became our partners and Friends for a long time. Certainly there is nothing that can compare. They give us things and have shared so many things going.


Who does not l’amour our brothers and sisters? They are the best people we have. He became our guardian, and have defended against the tyrants who we are. There are cases that have disputes with other people and even our classmates and cry when...
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I think Avatar is an amazing film to watch and I get headaches watching 3D but this film I got so use to it. When I watched it I found some parts hilarious like when the princess of the people (name memory loss) was teaching the guy to talk her language. I like it when she says something like " naaaa....dee MDR ou I think that's what she says. I also found graces Avatar funny but I don't know why. That hair thing when riding animaux is weird MDR and I l’amour pandora when it glows up when they run and as their feet touch the ground it lights up. I l’amour the "your a baby" line from the princess MDR she's funny.
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