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PFEIFFER11 posted on Nov 24, 2012 at 11:15PM

So just submit your characters; pretty much all will be accepted as long as you use the form.








current location(aire temple island, slums, higher up places etc.)

and anything else you want to add.

Here's my example of Kai my oc who be in here too.

Name: Kai Boah

age: 17


bender?: yes fire bender

appearance: Kai has long black hair that she usually puts in a braid. Her bangs are long and cover most of her face including her eyes which are a classic amber. She is very skinny for living in the slums for 2 years and pale.

personality: Kai is very firey exactly like her elemental. She doesn't take crap from anyone and is very independent. She is a bit of a smart Alec and use a lot of sarcasm. She isn't afraid to steal or break the law to survive.(It doesn't have to be to long since you are going to be role playing him/her)

history: Kai was born into a wealthy family who hated benders. She was the only bender in her family and hated it that they would talk about benders badly right infront of here. Finally when she was 15 she ran away. Her parents searched for her but they coudn't find her. Little did Kai know her parents were Equalists and they got arrested.

current location: Police station to find out what to do about her parnts.

So submit

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il y a plus d’un an whiskersST said…
Can there be an avatar? If so, can I be it?
il y a plus d’un an LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Just for kicks. :P

Name: Farra Magneel

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Height: 5'6

Weight: 130 lbs

Bending: Farra is a Firebender and the Covet-er of the Lightning.

Appearance: Farra is thin, but very well muscled. She wears a white training top nearly all the time, and over it wears a jacket. The jacket is a high collared navy blue army-style coat with white trim. Sometimes she tends to wear white button down shirts. She wears black pants that are tucked into boots that are similar to Mako's. She carries herself tall and with pride. Her hair is long and brown, falling just below hr backside. She likes to leave it down. Her eyes are a deep green, despite her Fire-bending heritage and Dragonic relations.

Personality: she rarely ever opens up to anybody, opting for a more secluded type of lifestyle. She tends to enjoy being alone, but that hasn't stopped her from befriending people. She is part of the Pro-bending world, but doesn't like to take the prize money, instead giving it to those less fortunate. She is a cold person, easily angered and hot-headed. She gets into trouble, fights and sometimes bites off more than she can chew. She, underneath all of that, is still a caring person, and would be willing to do what it takes to protect the innocent and the people she cares about, even put herself in harms way.

History: (Oh damn, this may take awhile) Farra, in short, is the embodiment of the last Lightning Dragon(also known as the Storm Dragon). When she was a baby, her mother and father were killed in a raid of her village. The men who attacked left no survivors. Farra had been forcibly removed from her mothers womb, and left to die on the ground. She was found by the dragon and it's life force was transferred into her body, giving her life. To prove this, a tattoo was formed on her right shoulder. Over the years of her life, the tattoo has spread all over her body. The claw of the dragon is on the back of her hand, and the head on her abdomen. The body of said dragon snakes around her chest and down her right leg, stopping at the knee. Parts of it wrap around her neck and her left shoulder.(It is a light pink color compared to her tanned skin, and is a deep red when she becomes angered or upset and is forced into using her powers.) After all of this, she grew up in the slums, until she was recognized for her superior physical prowess and fighting abilities. She was put on a few different teams, but hated them all. She quite within the first few days. Eventually she ran into two people at a restaurant and began chatting with them. thy told her about how they wanted to be on a pro-bending team all their lives. Even though she had just met them, Farra felt inclined to help, so she pulled some strings and got them a team. It was official, Brandon, Enakei, and Farra were all part of a Pro-bending team known as "The Soaring Dragon Spirits".

Current Location: The training area with her team.