Don't get me wrong, I did like the finale however there was one thing that annoyed me plus than anything; that they didn't redeem Kuvira. Again, don't get me wrong her actions were not par any means in the right but I do think there was a lot of room for her to be redeemed. Sorry if this article is poorly written, I'm kind of watching Divergent as I type. :P

First and foremost, Kuvira, started out as a really good person. She, in the beginning was one of the people to help save Korra when the Red Lotus attacked Zhao Fu. She also saved Korra's father's life. My point is, she was good once, she could be so again. And in the final episode she had so much potential to do so.

Not only was she on the good side in the beginning. But when she set off to unite the Earth Kingdom, she did so with good intent. She wanted to protect the Earth Kingdom as a whole, where she felt that Su had abandoned them. In the beginning she had supplied peoples with nourriture and other supply. Even to the end she firmly believed...she was convinced that she was doing the right thing. That she was just trying to protect her peoples. She didn't want them tossed aside like they meant nothing as she was par her parents. She wanted to take care of them, she just went about it the wrong way.

That in mind, another big reason that I feel as though Kuvira deserved a seconde chance is because of her apologies. Yes multiple apologies and the fact that she found it in herself to realize that she was in the wrong. I know it sounds trivial *mocking child voice* "well she a dit she was sorry." But really, how many villains actually feel bad and realize what they were doing was wrong. Not only did she apologized to Korra alone but she also stated that she was sorry (to Su) not only for ruining the city, but also for putting a wedge in her family. Hell, she even a dit that she didn't mean for it to go down the way it did. She didn't mean for it to get that out of hand. She didn't just apologize, she thanked Korra (in a way) for saving her despite it all, even though she knew that Korra would end up taking her to meet her fate.

On haut, retour au début of her apology she went down without a fight. After Korra saved her from that spirit rayon, ray she stated that she owed Korra her life. Kuvira's army was still willing to blast away at them all if they didn't release her. She could have pulled one of those "if I go down, I'm taking as many of toi as I can down with me" things. But she didn't, she told them to stand down. Furthermore she a dit that she would accept an punishment that the world saw fit.

Even when Kuvira was at her worst, she wasn't as bad as most of your T.V. villains. She didn't really attack any non-military personal prior to the final. She didn't attack the civilians...heck at Zhao Fu she didn't even aim to kill Su and the others, even after they tried to kill her--in her sleep might I add. She still offered Korra a peaceful conversation. I honestly think it's our Heroes that were in the wrong in this situation. Especially since, Kuvira not once went after the innocents of Zhao Fu. Just like how even leading to the finale she only targeted military bases. She had taken care to not cause any collateral damage (again, at least until the finale).

Speaking of Su trying to kill her in her sleep. One other really huge reason I think Kuvira deserved redemption is because the Heroes were just as bad. In a time of cease feu she decided to try to kill Kuvira in her sleep. Opal and Jinora broke their airbender vows to help Korra cheat. Mako zapped Ming to death and Su and Lin blew P'Li's freaking head off Not to mention how much collateral damage the Heroes caused in seasons past. The sheer hypocrisy in Su arresting Kuvira for somethings that she had done in the past really just gets to me.

Moreover Su could have prevented this whole thing. Kuvira was willing to assist the woman in helping the Earth Kingdom. But Su didn't want to provide aid. And then she got her panties in a bunch when Kuvira decided she'd do it herself. She had the audacity to yell at Kuvira for setting out with good intentions and tell her she couldn't come back to Zhao Fu. It can be argued that Kuvira wold have backed down if she could have; but really what choice did she really have? Su pretty much left her in a position where there was no going back so it was go hard ou go home...oh wait...Su a dit there was no going accueil for Kuvira. Which really gives me the indication that (despite Su's claims) Kuvira was in fact, not like a daughter to her. She had no qualms about essentially banishing her from Zhao Fu.

Digging deeper it (excuse my language, but I feel strongly about this) pissed me off that after Kuvira offered an apology, backed down, and (unlike most 'bad guys') decided to accept consequences, Su spat it back in her face that she was going to pay for every single little thing she'd done.

All the while Baatar was being coddled like a baby kitten. And this is what bothers me above all else. He was just as much a part of this as Kuvira. And yet he gets the "we'll make it through as a family" run. If Kuvira truly was a daughter figure to Su, shouldn't she get the same thing? "But what Baatar did wasn't as bad!" Not as bad my left bumcheek! He made the weapon. He didn't question it. He helped her harvest the spirit vines...he encouraged it! He helped her attack Zhao Fu, he was the right hand man. People mention that Kuvira is a 'total bitch' for imprisoning Su and the twins. It seems to sort of slip their minds that Baatar was the one to toss is father and the others in a cell suivant to them. But he gives Su that kicked chiot look and he gets off with a "yeah, you're siblings are gonna be mad, that's your punishment." No. No. No no no. Did I mention no? Either toi lock them both up because they did the same damn thing as each other ou toi give them both a seconde shot. What makes it even worse is Baatar didn't own up to his actions...didn't really even apologize. He was too busy feeling sorry for is dumped arse. I like Baatar, he's not a bad character, but come on...this is ridiculous really.

Needless to say, I just hope that somewhere down the lines Kuvira get out of jail and gets the seconde chance she deserves because honestly, the woman was a lot plus merciful than she could have been at her strongest. She's a woman who was cast aside par her own parents and did what she did because she didn't want others to feel the same way she did...helpless and abandoned. Instead of mimicking Kuvira's real parents, perhaps Su should have actually treated her like family.

I'm not saying Kuvira was right, she wasn't. I'm also not saying she shouldn't be punished at all, she should--she did kill people. I am however saying that Baatar should sink with the ship because he is also responsible for the deaths of many. I think both should do some time, but then both should be released and allowed another shot.