Ok. So this is another opinion article I am typing. On my Reasons for hating Asami one there were so many mean comments. I really hope they are not on this one. Because this is not about hating a character. It's about my reasons why I like The Legend of Korra better than Avatar The Last Airbender.

All Reasons here
I have always like it better in shows, livres ou video games when the main character is a girl. I'm a female who likes it better when main characters are female. I don't hate Aang on Avatar The last airbender. I think he is a great character but I just liked main female characters better.

For Aang I didn't like it when he was in the ice berg. I thought that was sad he didn't have a family. A Mom and Dad. I don't like it when characters don't have a family it makes me sad :( I have loved Korra's story way better than Aang's story. Because Korra was not stuck in an ice berg for 100 years. Korra has a Mom and Dad who l’amour her. I thought it was cool that she knew how to Water, feu and earth bend when she was only 4 years old. I thought that was cool and amazing for only 4 years old.

For Avatar The Last Airbender I had never liked any of the couple ships. I do like Zutara(Katara and Zuko) a little bit but I'm not crazy as some other people are about it. Makorra(Korra and Mako) is the only ship I am crazy about. Makorra is the only ship to me I think is good.

I really l’amour The Legend of Korra music. I do l’amour avatar's musique too. But The Legend of Korra musique is my favorite. I think the musique is amazing. I always listen to The Legend of Korra musique everyday. I l’amour the musique so much.

I really l’amour The Legend of Korra story better. It's way glacière to me.

I have been plus of a fan of The Legend of Korra than I have Avatar The Last Airbender. I have jumped up and down everytime I see the Legend of Korra. I have never done that with Avatar.

I Think the Legend of korra is such an amazing montrer to me. I enjoy it a lot. I do like Avatar but I'm plus a korra fan. I'm a big fan.

It's ok if some of toi don't agree with me.
Both of them are amazing shows but I l’amour The legend of Korra better for those reasons.