I am quite sure every person in the Avatar fandom has heard about Zutara and Maiko dozens of times many of those occasions in complicated shipping wars something this article is not here to initiate. But how many times have toi heard of Jinko? How many even remember who Jin is? I am willing to bet not many. She was the girl that Zuko dated when he was stuck in Ba Sing Se as a fugitive of every nation including his accueil and was disguised as a refugee of the name "Lee". In Tales of Ba Sing Se.

Jin was a sweet, innocent, charming girl that had a crush on Zuko and frequented Pao's teashop a lot just for him. When she got the courage to finally ask him out as we can tell she was quite shy Iroh acctepted for Zuko before he could back out. When Zuko begins the rendez-vous amoureux, date with her we see him in a visibly bad mood and quite frankly being a jerk. During the rendez-vous amoureux, date he is rude and awkward not looking at Jin in the eyes when he is playing with a boulette de viande moving it around his plate with a pair of chopsticks. Instead of mocking his dorky behavior ou getting angry when he yelled "She is not my girlfriend!" at the waiter making a mess of a scene in the restaurant, she is surprisingly patient and kind with him giving him her warm smile and being optimistic, but actually to the viewer the awkwardness is cute and comical. Like when Jin slurps her noodles and Zuko commentaires "You have.. quite an apetite for a girl" and she réponses "Um, thanks?" not knowing if it was a compliment, ou when Jin asked about his life before the city and he replied he was part of a traveling circus (as if) and she thought he was a juggler and asked him to montrer her and he actually tried. Can toi imagine if anyone else had asked him to juggle!? But one look at Jin's wide smile and pretty hazel-green eyes and he couldn't say no.

We can clearly see that Jin was probably already warming his cœur, coeur with her charisma.

She does not seem to lose that charisma and her smile despite being a refugee and living in poverty in the lower ring in Ba Sing Se.

The rendez-vous amoureux, date ends with Jin taking him to the firelight fontaine and he does a shocking thing as he used firebending to light it for her, risking a lot if he got caught. When Jin asked "How did you.." we can assume she probably figured how he lit the lanterns as she trails off giving him a one might argue knowing look. She doesn't run for the hills though she stays with him. She gives him an innocent but romantic Kiss that might just be his first and he responds with a small Kiss too until he pulls aways and leaves explaining it was complicated.

It was indeed.. he is a wanted man in every corner of the planet living a lie he does not want to be living and tormented par his past.
But his rendez-vous amoureux, date gave him a jour to feel like a normal person of his age to forget his situation for a short period.. and feel kindness appreciation and acceptance. Jin did not see a Prince ou a scarred banished "traitor" ou an angry jerk. She liked him for him when he was at his lowest and he had nothing to offer her. He had a time to enjoy being a teenager and got him to lighten up even. They are like yin yang opposites but happy together. Yes Zuko a dit he's never happy but with Jin he was. With Jin he smiled. With Jin he can just be who he is inside.

Jinko is a good third option for those of us who think Mai was just a bit unexcited in almost every thing and did not understand him that well though she tried and she sacrificed herself to save him so I would never take that away from her, but unfortunately sacrificing yourself does not make toi compatible with someone. Katara is kind and has a good personality also but she can be rude and oh so stubborn and hotheaded sometimes. I get the feu and water deal and it sounds appealing but it is not necissarily yin and yang as feu and water do not coexist in peace, one destroys the other. Katara also resented him for a long time, though she was of course justfied. A forbidden relationship is intense but full of drama and Zuko doesn't need plus drama because gosh he has had enough drama in his past right? I doubt he wants more. Song was a great option for him as well, as she was calm and had a good cœur, coeur as well she did not even accuse him for stealing an ostrich horse from her family but merely felt sad par it.. but she did not get him to lighten up. He deserves peace he deserves something simple but sweet. Something that brings the good fun side of him. One could argue we do not know enough about Jin to know if they are compatible but we do know that in short time she made him happy. We know they had chemistry and were adorable together. They had a beautiful nostalgic rendez-vous amoureux, date together.. and to me she was special.

I understand though his destiny was to help the Avatar and his Friends save the world..

Of course this all just an opinion I have and others might not agree and they do not have to everyone is free to think what they want and I respect their point of view too but I wanted to write a piece for the Jinko fan base out there because plus often than not we are forgotten.