So as a multi-shipper who ships my favori character with pretty much everyone I felt like typing up a thing about it. This is not in any particular order (I didn't order it favori to least favori nor the reverse). That said;


I can actually get on bored with this one. I sort of have this zanhar's rules of shipping and one of those things are; if they're Friends it's shippable. This one is in fact less of a crack ship to me. Like I can actually take it seriously. I can't exactly explain why though. I think it's centered around the whole betray thing--fics where the two of them work through that are enjoyable to me. There's also the fact that in my silly rules of shipping book; if the character x's sibling dated character y, then character x and character y are now shippable. Azula being character x, Mai being character y, and Zuko being the sibling.


This is another one I can hop abroad. Referring back to the whole friendship rule, there's one reason. The other is that I think Azula needs someone really kind and caring. Someone who would understand her and not give up on her. I know Ty-Lee sided with Mai as opposed to Azula but I feel like Ty-Lee doesn't hate Azula and with time they could fix things. That said, Ty-Lee is a sweet girl, I feel like she'd have that understanding I mentioned above.


This is one of my favori Azula ships. Again, I can't really say why though. I guess, really thinking about it--it comes with the opposites attract principal--which was like rule 5 on my stupid list. Azula is plus serious, Sokka plus of the comedian. She's fire, he's water. On haut, retour au début of that Sokka is plus laid back, I feel like (despite what went down in The Search) he'd be plus forgiving if Azula asked for it. I suppose another huge factor is that he's my favori male on the montrer and I tend to ship my favori male character with my favori female.


Kataang aside, I do ship this. I ship it for the same reasons as I ship Ty-Lee with her. Hell, I think that Aang would be even plus patient with her and plus understanding than Ty-Lee. He just that kind of person. Throughout The chercher Aang seemed to get along with her the best; despite it all he still asked her how her morning was, he still made attempts to talk to her and such. I also think--as he's such a moral character--he could really help heal her so to speak. He could help her re-build that moral compass Ozai had skewed.


Rule #3 of zanhar shipping if they had any romantic relationship on screen at any donné time it's still shippable.
This dude is the only dude bro Azula ever kissed period so I ship that.


Not gonna lie, this is my OTP on Avatar, suivant to maybe Sokkla. It falls under rules 3 and 4; If they hate each other/are rivals it's shippable and I often ship my favori with my least favorite. I also ship this for the opposites attract thing. To be completely honest I don't know why this one is my favori above all the others.


This one is actually hard for me to ship because they never interacted nor do they even know of each other. I mean it's possible that Jet knows her name because she's the princess, but I doubt Azula even knows that Jet exists. However I can ship this on the basis that they look hot together.


Ah yes, the incest ship. Every montrer has one. Not gonna lie I can roll with this one. Please hear me out on this guys!! I started watching literally in the middle of the book 2 finale--I saw Zuko and Azula working together and I was like damn they'd make a good pair. This being shipped prior to finding out they were siblings. When I found out they were I was like, "oh...ohhhhh!!!" And then there was that scene where he comes into her bedroom to ask her why she gave him credit for 'killing' Aang. It's like damn Bryke, that was way plus sexual than it needed to be; I definitely don't talk and ou walk up to my brother like that! I guess this is plus of a guilty pleasure ship as I find it...interesting? But I wouldn't ever want it to be canon.


Is this even a thing? Because if it is, I think it's...interesting


Ya'll know I ship pretty much everything, but this one is just a no for me. He's so much older than she...oh and he's her father! I just can't ship this, not at all.

The Earth King/Azula

Yup, this is a thing and I don't know how it's a thing ou why. I ain't gonna judge those who ship it. But I don't. I just can't see it. And that age difference is creepy. I mean I'm all for crack ships but this is too much to me.







Appa ou Momo/Azula

Crack ship!


Hell yes. I l’amour both characters so much. The two are so similar and hardcore I just think they'd make a good pair.


I guess this is the same principal as Jetzula. But it's plus of a crack ship to me because of all the 'save the mustache jokes' I can make.


I ain't even gonna go there...except I sort of just did. But a no on this one too.


I suppose I can sort of see this one. I mean not on a canon level but on a fanfic level.

Long Feng/Azula

Refer to the Earth King paragraph.

Roku ou any other past Avatar/Azula

I do not ship Rokzula. That's just such a crazy age difference right there among other things!
I may possibly ship Kyoshi/Azula, I mean they're both pretty hardcore, but again this is plus of a crack ship.
It's a no on Yangchen/Azula. I just can't see this one being a thing even in fics.
Age difference aside I can get down with Kuruk/Azula, they look good together. It's less cracky than the other stuff but I still don't really ship it seriously.
I can see WanZula. Same idea as Kuruzula.


I mean they're both princesses. I guess I'm plus neutral on this one. I don't really have an opinion on it either way around.

Azula/The chant nomad

Yup this is another thing. I came across it on Avatar Spirit Net. I think this may be my favori crack ship. But that's as far as it goes...just something I'd ship for giggles ou joke's sake. Nothing I'd ship for real. Same with things like Azula/Cabbage man and Azula/Foamy guy.

Azula/That Servant She Banished

Hooray crack ships! All though this fits under that whole if they're rivals they're shippable. But nah I don't seriously ship this.


Did I miss any character? Well to bad because I feel like pulling anymore pairings out of my bum would just be getting crazy. I already went a crazy.
Oh yeah...nah I don't ship this.

Azula/The Drill



*Snickers quietly to myself*


Okay I think I'm done for real guys.