Azul is Spanish and Portuguese for blue, possibly a reference to Azula's Firebending.
Her name may also come from the Sanskrit term Asura, a Hindu term for demon.
Azula's name was originally going to be "Zula".

In some Avatar comics, her name is mispelled "Takara" instead of "Katara".
Katara's voice actor, Mae Whitman, has previously played the part as Rose in American Dragon: Jake Long.

The Southern Air Temple is the only episode in which the titre screen, which denotes the chapter and book, does not have a white background (the background is the sunrise).
According to the's website for Avatar, the episode was originally titled "Aang Goes Home."

Sokka's name is derived from the Japanese phrase (here presented in Romaji) Sou ka, meaning "I Understand", which is a reference to his abilities as technologist and scientist, the use of understanding.
Sokka has been shown to be, to some extent, ambidextrous. He is shown using both hands at different times to write, attack, and draw (though he does so poorly), and is even shown switching hands at times.

The Puppetmaster: In Hama's flashback, in the scene where we see a young Kanna surrounded par other villagers, one of them looks surprisingly like Toph.
When Sokka asked Hama about "disappearances", Hama wasn't drinking her thé but in the suivant scene she was. Then she asked who wants plus tea, her cup is missing as well.

Dragons: Ran (燃, rán) means "burn" ou "combustion" in Chinese. Shao (燒, shāo) means "to burn" ou "to cook" as well as to "barbecue," as well as "fever".

Kyoshi Warriors: The Kyoshi warriors have stripes on their arms, but they seem to disappear in a few scenes. As seen in review picture.

The Great Divide: Overall, this is one of the least populaire episodes in the entire series.

The Avatar State: In the opening scene, the haut, retour au début of Katara's dress changes from her season one outfit to her season two outfit.
In Aang's dream, while fighting Zuko, Aang is in the Avatar State, but toward the end of the dream, his tatouages and eyes aren't glowing.
As the Captain tried to plead to Azula, after revealing the set-up, his mouth isn't moving.

Avatar Day: When Oyaji takes Katara and Sokka to Kyoshi's shrine, to montrer them the Painting "The Birth Of Kyoshi" For it shows Kyoshi and her people's shadows wear pointing right. For this is shows that it maybe like it took place at sunrise, but it took place at sunset. the fact is that Kyoshi Island is in the Southern Hemisphere of the Avatar world. In the Southern Hemisphere the Sun would be rising in the west and setting in the east, but it isn't that's because the people in the southern Hemisphere would be up-side down due to the planet's circular formation.