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posted by Author_artist14
Part 1: Denial

Chapter One: Rest In Peace

There are so many places I could start my story; the first time I was born ou maybe the first time I died. But in stand I'll start the history of my life with my last and final death. I died nineteen years old the 21 of October 2012 when a cliff divisé, split under my feet near the plage during a storm.

I was a strong, energetic, confident teenager who always stayed to herself. I've always been "too old" for my age which, on the other hand, isn't too weird considering I was born with all my memories. I don't remember anything about my childhood before I was three...
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posted by Author_artist14

There is that special person in your life. toi know, the guy toi despise; of who toi do nothing rater then twist the neck of; who drives toi to insanity; who bus toi like hell just par being near; who makes your fingers itch after to coup de poing him. That guy who toi must fight with every muscle in your body not to beat up.
No, I’m not talking about your overprotective big brother ou your oh-so-annoying little brother, both who toi really truly love. No, I’m talking about the guy toi are, whether toi like it ou not, thinking about twenty-four hours a jour arbre hundred and sixty-five days...
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posted by Author_artist14
"Okey students toningt it on. Before the prefomens we're gonna have a general-reputation on wich no one less than mr Hirochi Suacer is goning to watch. And as toi all know he is the headmaster of Starlight academy, USAs most famous and exclusive acting-dancing-singing universety and also one of the best caorafier in the world." The screaming after that anonnsemet would make a horror movie actress jeloys, Katelynn tought.
But when Hirochi walked in trough the doors the intire teater went drop dead quit. He didn't say anything he just smiled and leaned aganist the mur suivant to the scene. He was...
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