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le choix des fans: Short
le choix des fans: Ja Rule
le choix des fans: Ashanti
le choix des fans: Both
le choix des fans: Yeah! DUH! She's Awesome!!
Yeah! DUH! She&# 39; s Awesome!!
She&# 39; s OK.
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1 fan a répondu à cette question
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Ashanti mur

queensclic a dit …
MY neice is the president of the National Honor Society. We are originally from Guyana. Me and her were born in Queens and Brooklyn. I would like if toi are not (too) busy to attend a graduation par surprise. (Hofstra University, Long Island, NY on June 26, 2012 @9am) toi are her idol and it would mean the world and back. She deserves the very best because for the last four years she had been an amazing sister as well as a straight A
student. Thank toi and god bless....
posté il y a plus d’un an
DimonDPrincezz a dit …
I wish u wud come back and make plus music! posté il y a plus d’un an
shaunakaye a dit …
hi ashanti nice song posté il y a plus d’un an
shaunakaye commenté…
ashanti i l’amour ashanti il y a plus d’un an
Flora4ever465 commenté…
me too il y a plus d’un an