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posted by anjariel
give it back ?! dumb cow?!
my woice was as a thunderin huricane and my
eyes was like tow shootin sorts lightinis.
cahrlotte a dit in her ususla mean way: oh yeah?! well the dumb cow heres not me and that lcoket ahs been my grannsy! am just TAKING bakc whats rigted BELONGIN to me! so..
and there she snathecd the locket of poor and s cared halve to a schinks apiontmetn dear cleo.
and she a dit those words we all know s:
thats belonge to my granny and now its mien!
and allso: who do toi think toi are foolin??
just look at you! callin youself a mermaid as i am mo than toi ??
and that so cold toi could been...
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posted by anjariel
: OMFT!!? where did my house go??
i say as i splatter land at a canapé at a place we all know allmost TOO good..
and I who just a few sec s il y a was at MY house in norway??

i stares around me all cœur, coeur in it like:: HUUUUUUUUUHH?! am i DREAMING or..?
i rubb my eye s well but im not awakened.. im allso PINCHIN` me but still mi NOT AWAKENED!!!?
: i am REALLY here..!!
i burst into tears of luck and YOY over FINNALLY being here..!at NEVEWRLAND...! : myhyh dreheahamhh ihis became rehahalithyhyheheuhuhuhuh!!
i childcries aloud and sit there and stares.. as i just l’amour to study it ALL! around me.....
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watery then lsitenes to the sad saga about the sirean thas now a collier one her life: and afte ALL that time we had i my family and the one i loved he manages to cruch me and it ALL par smile at another girl and a HUMAN one as hes at it too..hhhhhhh..!

the sirean shighs a long hehrrta sigh..
then she continues: and ever since and eveafter that ive NEVER ever been up here again beside s the time i was taking my last breathe and flew to dance with the northlight then!

as to see these soraing sorts seaaboveshores was WAY to painfull before that. now the sierna clows up: but enough about me
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heres plus about the arc en ciel sirènes guys !!

after their youngest sister was abandoned from the seas for their OWN fater the seaking himself whanted it times got worse each new day.. yeah even the world so once up on a time like coulors was fading worse to tell you! and plus and plus of seas and land above and even the clouds kingdom was getting all ashies like gray.. and at the jour we now are the remaining rainbowmermaid sister s are par the breakfast table, tableau debating: no toi 2 shes our SISTER abnd we should do SOMETHING!
yje olrdets one RAIN...
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