animé Who Think Animé Couple Is Cuter?

Pick one:
amu and ikuto(shugo chara)
karin and kazune(kamichama karin)
kaito and luchia(mermaid mellody)
mark an zoey(tokyo mew mew)
kirari and hiroto(kirari revolution)
aléatoire couple (any of the above) :P
Lelouch and Kallen (Code Geass)
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Atem and Mana (Yugioh)
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Syaoran and Sakura (cardcaptor sakura)
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Toshiro and Momo
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Tamaki and Haruhi(Ouran High School Host Club)
hikari and kei(special a)
hikari and kei(special a)
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Can&# 39; t choose! I like all!
Can't choose! I like all!
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Ikki X Stella(Chivalry of a Failed Knight)
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