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 animé fonds d’écran
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Various animé fonds d’écran I've found on the internet. Some are of pre-existing characters, some aren't.
fond d’écran
Here's a liste of my fifty favori openings, for your listening and/or list-reading entertainment. Please take note:
- This is strictly my opinion, so it's obviously exclusive to openings I've seen. Along with that, I can have really bad taste! It is not meant to be taken seriously.
- My opinions change with my mood. An opening could honestly be five ranks below, ou five ranks above, the rank I give it here, depending on how I happen to feel. Great, right?
- This is based on both the visual and the song. Therefore, some openings with lackluster visuals may be on the liste simply because the song...
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ok, i'm getting stick and
tried of people talking bad
about orihime! "she is a
character" i disagree with this if she
was a"poor and undeveloped"
character than she wont have been in
the haut, retour au début 10 in the 1st votes of the
manga. She would be in manga to
begin with ou have a personailty or
have no fans, thats undeveloped!
"she is annoying" people say this
due to her saying "kurosaki-kun" a
lot which is only a dit in the japanese
version, watch the english dub if you
dont like it! If she is so annoying,
than give examples dont just say it!
"she is useless" WRONG!!! if it wasnt
for her ichigo wont be...
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Ok first off, Im posting this here since i really am not in the mood to get flamed par the aléatoire club. Second, I know that tons of people out there tend to download illegal animé episodes, ou torrents, which are files shared par mysterious users. Sometimes, the files are really a fake, and when toi click download...bam! toi have a maleware virus, a virus a normal scanner such as AVG ou norton cannot detect.

Heres what to do before toi actually get one:
1. do NOT use a torrent site. NEVER EVEN IF U ALRDY DO
2. Have AVG, it doenst work for this stuff, but its better then having none (youd be surprised...
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TRIGUN: Pregnant Scene
trigun: pregnant scene
Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
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Source: Google

Alright, there was really no particular reason for me doing this except out of boredom and a desire to see if I could. So this should not be very long. That being said, I would like to state that this is only my opinion and it is not to be taken as an attack. If toi like any of the characters on this list, then good for you. I do not, so I would appreciate it if everyone kept in mind that this liste is entirely my own opinion. So, with no further delay, this is Wantadog’s haut, retour au début 9 disliked characters!

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