10. Is Grell Sutcliff, why? Because he is hot, he's just a little different in his own little way. xD
This is my haut, retour au début 10 Hottest animé Guys, a lot of my Friends have been wondering who I think is cute ou hot ect.
I usual just keep them guessing who I like.
So I thought I'd just make this.
Considering the fact that I have nothing better to do at this moment. xD
It was a little hard deciding who to pick, I should have done 1-20 ,but I really didn't feel like it. lo( To much work.)
Tell me what toi think about it, and who do toi think should be first.
Make your own haut, retour au début 10 cause I'd l’amour to see it.

9. Naruto is awesome! and sexy. :3
8.Orihara Izaya, he's a little cutie.
7. Sasuke Uchiha, he maybe an asshole, but he's a sexy one.
6. Sasori is hella sexy.
5. Aido! <3
4. Ikuto, I'm pretty sure Y'all agree too.
3. Tamaki Suou, he's a sweet heart.
2. Kaname Kuran, The first time I seen him I nearly passed out from how hot he was...!
1. Itachi Uchiha, Is the most epicest, awesomest, animé guy I have ever seen, I l’amour him to death. xD