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posted by rileyferguson
This article was made par Yuzuri, Not me

So, here’s an article on where animé has gone wrong.

First and foremost, seductively designed female characters and erotic situations feature a prominent role in too many shows. A drawing can only be so alluring; so, why try to draw in audiences with this when one could perfect their craft in characterization, plot twists, novel settings, and beautiful ou unique animation? While male audiences are easily ensnared par this, one can’t help think that it depresses the animators that this is the of their talent, and even the fans who enjoy this will...
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posted by blackpanther666
I first started watching animé about 5 years ago, unless toi count Dragon Ball Z, Yugioh ou Cardcaptors in English "anime"... I suppose technically they all are, but I just don't, because they were always presented to me as cartoons, on New Zealand television. I had never heard the term "anime", then.
The first animé I ever watched was Ghost in the Shell, which my friend had on DVD, so we watched it. It was awesome. Then, not long after that, me and the same friend watched Gantz and I started to become a little plus intrigued... however, that feeling wore off and I forgot all about animé for...
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posted by rileyferguson
The following Rules were written par Liam (Blackpanther666), not me. I have deecided to put them into an article because I thought that the rules were very good and had a lot of respect in it.

Club Rule 1: No being rude to other users.

Seriously, I really dislike it when people come onto a club and just treat everyone else on the club like dirt. It's not needed and I don't want to see it happening on here. Being my club, I will just rapporter people straight away and ask them to leave my club. This is a place where people will be putting forth their opinions, therefore I only ask that users have...
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