Animation is an art form they say, and in a few countries in the world, there are some excellent animation...especially in Japan. Me and my twin sister l’amour anime, and this film is one my favorites; though I was shocked and surprised par the negative reviews I saw on the web, I thought this film was extremely imaginative and very well done.

I l’amour Banipal Witt, it is like anything toi have seen before - truly a marvelous place to behold. My favori characters from the film are Meeko, she is so adorable; ChuChu and the lovely Lily Remlun, daughter of The great Magician Remlun. Though she didn't get enough screen-time (flashback toi know), I still l’amour her. And it was Lily's papa, that give her the curse of turning everyone into balloons par touch.

So overall, I l’amour this film from beginning to end.