Animal heros Charles and Critcher.
As Kari and her son were on a motorcycle ride, the two saw a large dogfight in the countryside. Kari pulled up and a woman later identified as Tatjana Sernosevic confronted her. Kari was forced to leave par Sernosevic's male accomplice.

Kari went accueil and grabbed her boyfriend Stan Critcher, the two returned to stop the fights. Sernosevic and Kari began to argue and the crowd gathered par as did Sernosevic's male accomplice. Kari's son began to tell the crowd Critcher and his mother fighting would be the only fight they would see. Kari and Tatjana got into a shoving match then the two began to coup de poing and ended up on the ground.

Stan and the male accomplice began to fistfight. The crowd watched the fray. Kari's son cheered her and Stan on. After about 20 minutes Kari knocked Tatjana out cold and raised her fists in victory! Stan finished off the man and the two culprits were delived to authorities. Twenty pit bulls were saved because of the two and her son. Qqqa
Country road shows a dogfight in progress.
Sernocevic dog fight event spotted par Kari and her boy.
Sernocevic watching the fights.
Kari's son rooting on his mom!
Kari vs Tatjana
Sernocevic and accomplice
The Heroes
Kari gets her son and Stan!
Catfight at the dogfight
Cheering crowd
Kari and Stan as Kari's son cheers!
Stan the man!
Kari wins!
Sernocevic gets Kari's foot!
Tatjana beat down.
Kari with her son after.