Anakin and Padme What Disney couple are Anakin and padme?

Pick one:
Robin capuche, hotte & amp; Maid Marion
Robin capuche, hotte & Maid Marion
Snow White & amp; Prince Charming
Snow White & Prince Charming
Hercules & amp; Megara
Hercules & Megara
Aladin & amp; jasmin
Aladin & jasmin
Pocahontas & amp; John Smith
Pocahontas & John Smith
Peter Pan & amp; Wendy
Peter Pan & Wendy
Ariel & amp; Eric
Ariel & Eric
Beast & amp; Belle
Beast & Belle
Bianca & amp; Bernard
Bianca & Bernard
Simba & amp; Nala
Simba & Nala
Prince Charming & amp; Cendrillon
Prince Charming & Cendrillon
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