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I couldn’t decide if this was really a rant ou not, but whatever.

Amy Rose has become a problem to me, but it’s a very schizophrenic problem. In some games I like her, in others I don’t. I will be speaking my opinions about game, Comic, and TV montrer Amy’s throughout the ages here, as each one is different.


Sonic Adventure
Skipping Sonic CD, because well… her role was very tiny, Sonic Adventure had her first voice appearance, so it was a big deal (LA LA LA, CAN’T HEAR YOU, SHUFFLE, LA LA LA! Also am I the only one who doesn’t see the Nights/Cosmo comparison in those characters?)....
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If Amy got married to Sonic, Sonic`s carrer is over. In Sonic`s world, Amy would be going whereever he goes. She wont let him fight anyone. She might force him to déplacer out of where he always live. She wont let him have any Friends ou even talk to his old ones. She will Kiss him every morning, afternoon, and night. Maybe even 24,7. She will drag him to ever clothing store she sees to help her boutique for the clothes and pay for them. After all, it does takes hours for a woman to pick out the clothes that Suits – Avocats sur Mesure her. The worst thing of all is having CHILDREN. If Amy has children, Sonic is gonna have to be stuck in the house until they are teens. ALL of them. And that would take FOREVER. In Amy`s world, Sonic would l’amour her and care for her do whatever she wants. he would do the oppisite of what I said. he wouldnt mind having children. Do toi think that Amy Rose and Sonic make the perfect couple? Answer that question in the quiz.